This is The Joker Karim's (karimayman2011) series.

He made videos in 2012, but were not part of the series, the series was officially started on April 29th 2014.


Leopold Slikk: He is just an angry kid from Germany, he is addicted to Unreal Tournament, he hates school and his father, he has a rivaly with Ronald.

Harold Slikk: Leopold's father, he abuses his son, he is gay and loves MLP.

Ronald Ramirez: Leopold's rival, he is the same as Leopold, but he plays TF2 and he is Dominican.

Jake Randolf: Leopold's sidekick, appeared for the first time in Episode 6.

Future Plans

Karim is working on new videos, but school is stopping him from doing it, Episode 7 is in the works.

Angry German Kid Episode 1

In this episode, it displays the whole timeline and story, the conflict between Ronald and Leopold, first Leopold checks his Facebook, and finds that there were 50000 comments on a picture he uploaded, when he checked it, he found many negative feedback comments sent by Ronald, Leopold gets pissed, he then sent Ronald an e-mail about trailer of Team Fortress 70 (not existing), he gets sus picious, he views it only to find it was a screamer, he rages, the episode is continued by another one, they are canonically connected, in the next episode, Ronnie wants revenge, his father tells him to get in his room  because a virus infected the internet (he was lying, to make Ronald get his ass of the computer.), Ronald disobeys him, he downloads Sony Vegas Pro, and makes a spoof of Leopold winning, but he lost and got a BSoD, his father beats him up, and the video ends, a few minutes after it was uploaded, Leopold saw the video and got mad.

Angry German Kid Episode 3

Leopold is mad because of the video, he was going to say something but his dad told him to go to school, when he arrived, he saw Ronald, they engaged in a fight, but ended when Ronald entered a cheat code, which got him a tank, and he killed Leopold.

Fortunately, characters never die, unless the creator wanted to, Leopold was buried alive and kept screaming, in the end, he remembered he can cheat, he made himself come alive again, and he summoned Ronald.

They both get guns with cheats, meanwhile, an admin (who??) disabled the cheats, so they engaged in a RPG fight, in the end Ronald won, but he revived Leopold, in return, Leopold stabbed Ronald.

Angry German Kid Episode 4

It was originally a remake of Karim's first AGK video, but he felt it was a good idea to add it to the series, anyway, Leo starts his computer, it freezes at the start up, he gets mad, the computer finally starts up, it gets the BSoD, he gets so scared and so angry, he stole his father's safe mode disk to repair his computer, he installs Windows XP, it gets a BSoD, it was too late, his dad comes and beats him up.

Angry German Kid Episode 5

He plays Five Nights At Freddy's 2, he heard about it at school, he then downloads it, he finds out it was a horror game, after 8 minutes of animatronics in his office, he finally reaches Night 2, but gets jumpscared.

Angry German Kid Episode 6

He goes to McDonald's, only to find that he ate all of their food, so he gets kicked out, outside, there was a gang that had this roster:-

-Eddy: Leader



-Rick Astley



-Robot They robbed him, Leo calls his homie Jakey, they attack the gang and get back the money, meanwhile, Eddy informs Ronald that they failed. He gets angry as usual.

Angry German Kid Episode 7

Will have to be delayed, since I have a lot of school in my way.


  • In Episode 6, when Leopold phones Jake, his mobile phone seems to be the phone from Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • Episode 1,2 and 3  were supposed to be uploaded in 2013, but Kimo's internet speed was awful, so it had to be delayed until next year, which is unusual.
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