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The K-Side of Angry German Kid
Vital statistics
Participants 7 or more.
Date 8 May 2017
Location Leopold's House, City, A mysterious cage, the movie.

The K-Side of Angry German Kid, known as The Keyboard Side of Angry German Kid, is an event organized by UsefulVideos intended for the AGK Meme to be Celebrated for it's 11 years old birthday and about the whole history of the AGK Meme.

The AGK Meme is going to celebrate his history of AGK and years of good and bad content happened on it.


  • Unlike the AGK Parodist Award, this event is about the whole AGK Meme history, about everything happened, changed and evolved here, so the AGK Meme is celebrated by making a collab entry of an original idea. After the uploaded scenes,(2 minimum) the voting is beginning for the Parodists to choose the best scene they enjoyed. After the Revealed Voting Results, UsefulVideos is gonna upload a video with the title: The K-Side of Angry German Kid - The Whole AGK Meme History

The Collab Entry Scenes:

(Part 1)

(Meanwhile at Leopold's house...)

Leopold is having trouble with Leonard & Leorich always disrespecting each other for stupid reasons.

He is trying to calm down Leonard & Leorich by trying to take them to a movie by buying 3 movie thickets for 4$ each ticket.

While Leopold and his brothers were walking on the streets while someone was jealous just because he/she didn't have a movie thicket so the thief (he/she) decides to follow Leopold,Leonard & Leorich until they arrive on the movie. While Leopold was so close to go with the tickets on the movie, the thief runs very fast and immediately took the tickets from Leopold.

Leopold and his brothers become really angry because the thief stole the ticket.

They are trying to find the thief looking through the city but they are worried that the thief stole their movie thickets but Leopold says that is not time to give up and they need to find the thief before it's too late.

(Part 2)

Leopold's brothers are gonna listen to Leopold's words and they are gonna start searching the thief's address.

They run far away from the city until they saw a mysterious cave which generates gold by using movie thickets.

Leopold's brothers where feeling very scared because inside on the cage, inside of the cage it was so dark that was impossible to see anything until they a weird green light coming from forward, Leopold and his brothers are following the green light and they notice a lighting red button, Leonard and Leorich were to scared to press the button but Leopold was saying that his brothers are acting like 5-year olds at touching a mysterious button, Leopold decided to touch the button until they were trapped inside of cage. The thief uses the movie tickets to make gold of them using the Gold Movie Ticket Generator.

He saw Leopold and his brothers talking about escaping, so the thief decided to run away on the forest while Leopold and his brothers noticed walking sounds through the cave. But they didn't even know what to do in order to escape that Metal Cage. Luckily, Leopold had his Keyboard with him the whole time. Leopold's brothers were surprised why he didn't used the keyboard at the exact time to escape the cage. Leopold tried to break the cage with his keyboard 10 times but it didn't work because the cage is made with Iron. Luckily, Leorich found a solution when Leonard attacked Sonic.exe with his hat (On Episode 1). Leorich is asking Leonard to use his hat in order to break the cage down. (More Script is coming soon)

Rules for The Collab Entry

  1. Think about making the scenes enjoyable as possible. (Ripping off other parodist's scene by tooking his scene to your video results into permanently rejection).
  2. You can choose any character you want to steal Leopold's ticket. (Except unoriginal overrated characters like Hitler, Dr. Robotnik, The Simpsons).
  3. The Conversation should be realistic and 2/3 minutes longer. (If the conversations/scenes are too short, your scene is rejected, think about making the scripts longer like the real life conversation's duration)
  4. Always include Leorich in your scene. (This is obligatory because Leorich is included on the plot and you must include him on your scene)
  5. If your upload your scene on Youtube make sure to put this on the description: #The-K-Side-Of-AGK
  6. The original AGK Clip shouldn't be shown more than 1:30 minutes. (Maximum limit)
  7. Use advanced video editing software software like Sony Vegas,Camtasia Studio 8. (Sony Vegas is recommended because Camtasia is crashes on rendering longer videos)
  8. If you choose a copyrighted movie, always credit the owner who made the movie or else your part is rejected.

Minor Rules:

  1. You can include Leonidas if you want to.(Not Necesary or obligatory but you are gonna decide how to modify the script, plot in your scene).

The Voting

Currently there are no any scenes uploaded here.

In order to make the voting, there must be 2 scenes uploaded (minimum).

The scene will be mentioned by the name's parodist: (%PARODISTNAME% 's scene)

DId you got everything ok or not?