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The Library is a location in PVMAGKVIDEOS' Reboot on season 6.

The library stores books and information of chronicle events and such (Lore based), kinda like a museum but also more book antique related stuff. Not only will the library have books inplace, Patrick Starfist estimated he once found a CD in the library marked; UNZIPPED.

The Library is almost never visited. And the perso who runs the place doesn't interact amused either.

It is canon that The Library will be shown in Episode 69 and 70.

Below the library

In Episode 69 it is revealed the library has a secret passage. The passage is blocked by a book shelf. On the fourth row is a strange written sentence. During the episode, Leopold discovers the passage as soon when he grabs a few books off the shelf where the message was printed on.

The shelf began to shake and tilt and revealing a passage that would go for miles down below.

The library seems to be build upon an ancient dungeon. The dungeon has been formed decades ago and even in a young age when the ground used to be living so down below.

The location where the statue of the god resides.

The ancient ruins of the stronghold are green, mossy and very gloomy.

There's still a resource of water dripping down as if they where marked as "Tears"


At the second age of the world, Germany once was a palace with a small village but formed into 4 pieces of some unique religious people. The first section where religious about care and forgiveness they would praise upon the god that once ended up on the future during a time spell break by an eldergod that summoned a unknown object, which was known as a keyboard. The keyboard was their iconic symbole of their continent.

In the early years of the third age a god was born and reinforced the continent much stable from the other 3 continents around Germanyia. At the end of the third age, a war broke out on the four continents starting with the evil purge of dark beasts and dark magic war lords plunder on the nice and restful contintent. After the war the reinforced village was depleted and left to decay and then into ruins of the remains of the ancient battle. As time went by around the end of the fourth age the ruins have been burried deep down where the new land reformed much more higher up the ground. The ruins have formed caverns and remains of villages and equipment that formed the ruins into an dungeon.

The dungeon was discovered at the end of the 5th ago by a druid wizard that tried to examinate ever, little aspect and detail all the languages from that age. The druid wizard began building his own library to store all this information on books to keep the tale and legends going. So far a few people have ever visited the library and the host of the library seems to never show up ever again.

When the sixth age arrived the library was vissible to the public outside. Strangely enough Leopold Slikk's residense are very close to the library's location. Almost as if Leopold's ancestors used to live in the continent of care, and forgiveness.

The wrath of Dark Lord Leopold Slikk

Dark Lord Leopold Slikk was the god that influenced the war upon all three continents. The anger and demonic energy has nearly broke off all continents and the god still remains never beaten before even till this day.

Dark Lord Leopold Slikk still has a majority of plans to take over soon again to deplete another country to ruins.

As Germany has developed the interests are high for the Dark Lord, and sooner he might anguish the world once more. The early attack was the alliance of dark beasts, dark magic warriors and demons taking over each continent.

The ruins have still various of marks of blood, scratches and even writtings on their progression how they teared down the keyboard continent.


■ The Library is part of the PVMAGKVIDEOS AGK lore.

■ The Library is build upon an ancient stronghold that once was a nice peaceful village.

■ The Library has once been reffered as "The Hearth of Germany"

■ The Statue that is in the deep stronghold is the memorial to the god that soon reinforced the village and disrupted another time break to summon more keyboards and reinforcements of unique and strong material.

■ Sims Kid discovered the stronghold sooner than Leopold Slikk

■ Sims Kid has discovered the leftover power that once the god used to posses.

■ Season 7 is dedicated to the history amung the tales of the gods.

■ The Library will feature within the episode an online decoding card of two ancient fonts used in various episodes later on or before.