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"This Master Plot begins to reveal itself in Mid Season 5 and Season 6."

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The master plot is the plot that is the most connected to the main story of the Angry German Kid Series.

How it started?

In AGK Episode 57 of PVMAGKVIDEOS' AGK Series the very first glimpse of an undentified object shows aroundn the location around the outer location Leopold's house.


The ship's size in reality is very huge comparing it into a picture.

The measuring from the ship has been calculated into this setup.

L = Lenght = 56CM x 100(factor) = 56.00M

H =Height = 20CM x 100(factor) = 20.00M

Squared measured = H x L = 11200000 M²

If this ship was revealed in reality that means the ship is incredibly HUGE!

The plot around the episode goes on Sims who has been expelled out of Kindergarten (time is missing)

He was bullied a lot and set vengeance upon the school and then he was getting expelled from the Kindergarten and

went out on the streets until he meets a portal to hell. Where Dark Leopold's Chronicle comes. ( Not revealed yet..)

The highlight of the episode is heavenly conflicted on Sim's behavor on the ship. He has been capturing Mallie for decades and sampling out DNA samples to create an army of innocent girls that slwoly become possesed with the hell power (Unknown source) has created.

So what is the true fact about it?

The Rescue series upon Leopold have been the biggest clue on what the ship has been created for and what dark sourcery is planned.

Dark Leopold's chamber the Hell chamber resides with the hell power (unknown source).

Sim's tried many things to inhabit the power into the ship and currently resides as a mechanic of fuel and power around.

The main area that hasn't been revealed yet of where Hitler came onboard.

This is the emergency exit incase of a S.P.L.U.G.E Break.

There are many DNA samples of Mallie left to find. One was labeled ''SPLUGE DNA".

Other DNA samples have not been found or revealed yet.

The DNA samples have been used as the base of creating alies around the ship

But mostly it failed and turned the behavor of the allies even more different.

19% Hell Like

50% Innocent at (100%)

31% Turned into S.P.L.U.G.E #B.

What is S.P.L.U.G.E?

S.P.L.U.G.E is refered as in:

Slimey Protoplasm Liquid Underrated Goop Entity.

It's been invented in the Air ship by Sim and is listed in 4 catagories of kinds of S.P.L.U.G.E classes

S.P.L.U.G.E #(Type)A : Commonly as sleeping protoplasm. Not harmful and can be a bit acid like.

(Color type: White)

S.P.L.U.G.E #(Type)B : Mixed in horrible clone transformations. It creates a far more sinister acid like material of goop and is used as waste of the ship and to convert it into a fuel entity.

( Color: Lime Green)

S.P.L.U.G.E #(Type)C : Mixed within organic material and blood from organisms to create a really bad type of goo that can acid anything that goes beneath it.

(Color: Dark Green)

S.P.L.U.G.E #(Type)D : Only occurs when eruption on all type of spluges combine the acid will be so strong is creates even a firery lake of molten spluges of green red and even BLUE/PURPLE!

(Color: Red/Green/Purple/Blue)

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