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"This Master Plot begins to reveal itself in Mid Season 5 and Season 6."

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The master plot is the plot that is the most connected to the main story of the Angry German Kid Series.

How it started?

In AGK Episode 57 of PVMAGKVIDEOS' AGK Series the very first glimpse of an unidentified object shows around the location around the outer location Leopold's house.


The ship's size in reality is very huge comparing it into a picture.

The measuring from the ship has been calculated into this setup.

L = Lenght = 56CM x 100(factor) = 56.00M

H =Height = 20CM x 100(factor) = 20.00M

Squared measured = H x L = 11200000 M²

If this ship was revealed in reality that means the ship is incredibly HUGE!

The plot around the episode goes on Sims who has been expelled out of Kindergarten (time is missing)

He was bullied a lot and set vengeance upon the school and then he was getting expelled from Kindergarten for drawing porn and refusing to work with the other kids.


In AGK VX the ship returns with the true path to what was planned for the road to fight Sim on the airship.