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The Maze, more commonly known as the Scary Maze Game[1] , is a screamer flash game created in October 2004. It was made by game developer Jeremy Winterrowd. disguised as a computer game with 3 levels.

On Parodies

Out of the many appearances of flash games in any series, this game is the one that has appeared the most in any series.
Usually, the episodes are simple stand-alone episodes about Leopold being tricked or having a morbid curiosity into playing it with no doubt which of course at the end he gets scared.

The rare cases in which this kind of episode of Leopold playing the game being connected to the next episodes are with Pokebob1's AGK series which was the set up for the next episode "AGK's nightmare" and in AGKandvideomaker2000's AGK's series was a set up for the episode "AGK gets a job"


In the game, the player is supposed to use their mouse to move a square along a given path without touching the walls. As the player progresses, the walls get smaller.

If the player accidentally touches the wall, the game will lead back to the start menu. In the 3rd level, the walls become so thin that it becomes very difficult to avoid touching the wall. When the player reaches a certain point, a picture of (Regan MacNeil from the movie The Exorcist: played by Linda Blair) suddenly appears on screen along with two loud screams, scaring the user.


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  • This game is one of the most well-known Internet pranks.
  • The game spawned many unofficial sequels.
  • It's one of the more frequent ideas used in AGK or Harold parodies.
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