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The Noah Movie: Sailor Moon's Revenge is a movie on YouTube, planned and created by Atarster. He announced this movie when he got 4,000 subscribers on YouTube, and this movie will be about Noah and his friends stopping Sailor Moon from taking over the world.



At the beginning of the movie, Sailor Moon walks to her lair to use her computer to locate Noah's house, and she talks about Noah. Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts are going to take over the world because they want to kill Noah. In the morning, Noah woke up to get dressed for his journey, then he went to the kitchen to make cereal for breakfast. While he is eating his breakfast at the living room, he saw the news about Sailor Moon is taking over the world because she is the evil queen. After he watched the news, Noah sends the message to his friends, Leopold Slikk, Dante, and Ratchet about the awful news. He and his friends have plans to save the world, and they went to the president's office to tell him about the news. After the conversation, the president told them to go to his daughter's house to learn how to fight. Noah and his company met Kat at her house to talk about Sailor Moon, but Kat thinks the news was terrible. When they went to the basement, Kat teaches Noah and his company how to fight. After their training, they left Kat's house to go on their journey to save the world. While they are walking at the city, Noah bumps into Darien Shields, and then they argue. After their argument, Darien used his rose to transform into Tuxedo Mask, and then Noah and his company started to fight against him. When their fight is over, Noah continues his journey, but they decided to eat at Taco Bell. Meanwhile at the White House, Sam the Eagle visit to the president's office, and he gave him the information about Serena Tsukino. They went to the Interpol to talk about Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts, and they also make plans to stop them. After their conversation at the Interpol, the president went to the Military base to talk to Guile about the awful news, so they went to the general's office to talk to him about it. Noah and his company are walking down the street, and they met a stranger, KnucklesAGKMaker. He and Noah talks to each other about Sailor Moon, and after they are done talking, KnucklesAGKMaker told Noah about his videos are awesome. They continue their journey, but they met a little girl, Rini. She thinks that Noah is about to stop Sailor Moon, but Leopold hits her with his keyboard. Meanwhile at the Military Base, the general has plans to stop Sailor Moon and save the world, so they can use the helicopters to locate Sailor Moon's lair. At the alley way, Noah heard a stranger calling for help, and they went to the alley, but they think no one was there. Leopold saw a shadow of Sailor Jupiter, and he thinks that she is about to kill Noah and his company. Even Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Mercury came here to fight against the heroes, and then, they started the infamous fight. During the fight, Sailor Mercury is about to kill Noah, and somebody beats up the Sailor Scouts, and they are Ren Höek, Stimpy, Rocko, and Vinny. They took the heroes to Ren's house to heal them. Noah has the nightmare about Sailor Moon have killed all of Noah's friends, and she even killed Noah. He woke up and met Ren, and he asked him that why Noah was at his house. After breakfast, they have conversation about Sailor Moon and her company are taking over the world, so Ren and his gang can help Noah to take down Sailor Moon and save the world. Meanwhile at Sailor Moon's lair, the Sailor Scouts complained about some random animals beats them up. Sailor Moon told them to use the ray gun to send the heroes to the other dimension, but if they did not kill them, Sailor Moon will fire the Sailor Scouts. Back at Ren's house, Noah is playing Warp & Warp game, but Stimpy called them to eat dinner. After they ate dinner, they talked about the melee weapons to upgrade them. While Noah is asleep, he has another atrocious nightmare about Sailor Moon and her company. He saw the nightmare forms of the Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, and Sailor Moon, and she killed Noah. He woke up, and Ren asked Noah to be ready for some training with the melee weapons. After their training, Noah and his company saw the news about Sailor Moon kidnaps Kat, and she is going to punish her. After the news, Noah and the rest of the gang are ready for their action to rescue Kat, stop Sailor Moon, and save the world. While they are going to the lair, they met Caillou, and he want to play with Noah, but Leopold hits him with his keyboard, and Caillou landed on his head and dies. Later at the lair, Sailor Moon saw the helicopters are invading to her lair, and she used her roof turret to destroy them. After the helicopters flew away from the lair, Kat told Sailor Moon not to kill Noah and take over the world, but Sailor Moon yelled at her to stop talking. While the heroes are walking through the city, they met Tuxedo Mask for the second time. And, he also argued about what happened earlier, and Rocko threw a hammer at him to tell him to shut up. Noah told Rocko to calm down, but Noah got hit by the explosion rose. Tuxedo Mask decides to fight against the heroes, and then they started to fight. During the fight, Noah used his rocket launcher to shoot at Tuxedo Mask, and he beats him up. Also, Leopold hits him with his keyboard, and Tuxedo Mask landed at the jail building. Back at the lair, the rhino guard showed Sailor Moon Caillou's dead body. She planned that she can turn him into a monster at the laboratory. After they left the lair room, Kat attempts to escape. She used her bobby pin to unlock the cell. She walks down to the hallway, but she saw what is Sailor Moon and her grunts doing at the lab. Sailor Moon plans to create the machine to turn the dead body into a monster, and Jimmy the Guard showed Sailor Moon a blueprint of the machine that requires a crystal gem. Kat decides to tell Noah about what is going on. At the Military Base, the general has better plans to stop Sailor Moon, and they used the helicopters with the invisible upgrade to destroy the roof turret. Meanwhile, Kat meets Noah to talk about Sailor Moon is creating the monster. And so, Noah decides to help Kat to stop Sailor Moon's business. That night at the lair, Sailor Moon decides to go to sleep because she is tired. While she is sleeping she is dreaming about stealing the crystal gem from the cargo truck at the desert, but she was surrounded by the soldiers. Sailor Moon beats the soldiers up, but she was caught, and then the demon punched Sailor Moon. Later, she was hanging, and she heard Noah climbs down the ladder to kill her because he doesn't want her to create the monster. He blew her head off with his gun, and she woke up because she thinks it was a terrible nightmare. In the next morning, Sailor Moon came to the laboratory to talk to her grunts about the crystal gem. They told her that hey got it because they stole it from the museum, so they'll able to create the monster. Meanwhile at the motel that night, the heroes (except Noah) complained about the motel that they are staying, but Noah told them to stop complaining. Later, Leopold and Noah started to argue, but until then, Kat yelled at them to stop arguing. She trusts them to stop Sailor Moon, and Noah apologized to Leopold. Later, the pig guard gives the prisoner some dinner, but he realized that Kat is missing. The pig guard told Sailor Moon that Kat escaped out of her lair, and she commands her grunts to find her. While they are almost to the lair, they met the Sailor Scouts to fight against the heroes. During the fight, Sailor Mercury shot the heroes (except Kat) to send them to the other dimension. The guards caught Kat for escaping the lair, and they send her back to the lair. At the other dimension, Noah thinks they are at the video game world. They met the Bero-Beros, the aliens from the game, Warp & Warp. They are about to suck the heroes' balls, so they killed them, and they met their father, King Bero-Bero. Like the Bero-Beros, the king decides to suck their balls, and Noah shot him with his rocket launcher, but Dante realized that the king is not real because it was a robot. They also saw 16-Bit Tuxedo Mask is going to the other dimension, and they chase after him. They went to the Gauntlet Arcade dimension, and they saw him escaping, but he said, "You can't catch me!" The heroes started to chase him, but they saw Slimer. They started to run away from Slimer, but they stopped at the dead end, however, Ren told Leopold to shoot Slimer with his upgraded keyboard's laser. Again, 16-Bit Tuxedo Mask escapes to the other dimension, and the heroes chased him. They went to the Pac-Man dimension, and they saw a giant Pac-Man is about to eat the heroes. Vinny threw his bone bomb to Pac-Man, and he ate it. Then, he explodes, and 16-Bit Tuxedo Mask flew out from Pac-Man. The heroes started to beat up 16-Bit Tuxedo Mask, and then, they took the dimension orb to get back to the real world. After they return, the heroes beats up the Sailor Scouts. While they are beating them, Noah yells and punches Sailor Mercury to ask where Kat is. Sailor Mercury told him that Kat is at Sailor Moon's lair, and then the heroes walks to the lair. After they finally reached to the lair, they went inside to rescue Kat, but Noah saw something at the laboratory because he knew that Sailor Moon is creating the monster. Leopold asked what if the monster killed them, and Noah thinks the world belongs to Sailor Moon if the monster kills them. And so, they kept going, but Martin Brisby stopped them to ask them what are they doing at the lair. And then, Rocko told Martin there was free cheese behind him, and Rocko threw a hammer at him. They walked to the elevator that is says Noah will not be allowed to go in the lair room. Leopold told him to push the elevator button, and then they went into the lair room, but they saw a weird doll that is sitting on a chair. Vinny thinks it was a booby trap. The heroes heard an elevator because they are thinking it might be Sailor Moon, so they took cover before she walks in. Sailor Moon did not realize that the heroes are not in here, but then, the Sailor Scouts walks in and complaining about the heroes beat them up. Sailor Moon fired them, and she used her staff to send them to the other dimension, and the Sailor Scouts meat Barney, so he is going to hug them, and they also ran off from Barney. Then, Sailor Moon realized the helicopter are back, but they used the invisible upgrade. They destroyed the roof turret, and killed the grunts. Sailor Moon is stressed, so she went to the roof and meet the soldiers. They want to send her to the asylum, but Sailor Moon used her staff to send the soldiers to the other dimension. They noticed that they are in space, but they met the Bero-Beros to suck their balls. Sailor Moon plans to use her staff to send the robots from the other dimension to destroy the world, as well as Kat. Then, Noah and the company met Sailor Moon, and he told her to release Kat. Sailor Moon doesn't want to because she is the queen of the world, so she took the heroes out from the lair with her staff. Sailor Moon used her staff to send the robots to destroy the world, and then the crowd saw what is going on. They started to panic, and then, the police officers, Chief Wiggum, and Lou came and saw what is going on, but Chief Wiggum got shot by the Chitauri, and then, the heroes came here to fight against the robots. While they are fighting, Ratchet and Rocko modified the Chitauri gauntlet to send Noah to the top of Sailor Moon's lair. He met Sailor Moon once again to fight against each other. After the fight, Noah took Sailor Moon's staff to get rid of the robot invasion, then he threw her staff out of the building, and then he rescued Kat. They heard Sailor Moon coughing, and she thinks the battle isn't over yet because Noah is about to fight against the atrocious monster, True Caillou. They started to fight each other, but Noah got thrown away by True Caillou because he thinks he was really powerful. The helicopters came here to shoot True Caillou, and he used his laser eyes to destroy them. The company helps Noah to kill him, and Ratchet has plans to use his ship to kill True Caillou. After he came down from the building, the tanks came to kill him, but True Caillou used his shock wave to destroy the tanks. And then, the heroes started to fight against him, but they were attacked. The ship came and shoot True Caillou, and it was Ratchet. He shoots True Caillou and avoid his lasers, but he got hit by the laser. Ratchet's ship was demolished, and then True Caillou is about to kill Ratchet with his laser eyes, but someone reflects the lasers with the sword, and it was Cloud Strife. Cloud decides to help Noah and the company to kill True Caillou, and then, they started to fight. During the fight, the heroes are attacked, and then True Caillou is about to finish them off, but it got weaken by Kat while she was using Sailor Moon's staff. Kat told Noah to finish True Caillou off before he finishes him, so Cloud gave Noah his sword to kill him. After Noah killed True Caillou, Kat came and kissed Noah, and she thinks Noah and the company are now the greatest heroes, but Noah thinks it wasn't over yet because they have to finish Sailor Moon off, so they returned to the top of the lair. The heroes told Sailor Moon about they killed her monster, and Noah finally punched her. At the end, Sailor Moon got sent away to the Arkham Asylum in Gotham City. After Noah thanks Kat, Cloud decides to leave because he returned home to get some rest. Then, the president came, and he talks to the heroes about the great news, so they are now the greatest heroes. Back at home, Noah and his friends watched the news about them because they have saved the world. After they watched the news, Kat calls Noah about the news, and Noah thinks that they should celebrate at nighttime. During the celebration, the heroes walked through the city while the crowds are cheering them. They walked to the stage, and the president gave Noah the medal of honor, so they are also known as the world's mightiest heroes. Kat walks up to Noah and kissed him, and Dante congratulates Noah, and Ratchet told him that he is the greatest. After the credits, Sailor Moon is finally locked up at the Arkham Asylum in Gotham City, she heard the Joker is laughing, but Sailor Moon screams over the Joker.


  • Noah
  • Ratchet
  • Dante
  • Leopold Slikk
  • Ren Höek
  • Stimpy
  • Rocko
  • Vinny
  • Sailor Moon
  • Sailor Mercury
  • Sailor Mars
  • Sailor Jupiter
  • Sailor Venus
  • Rini
  • Katherine "Kat" Williams
  • The President
  • Tuxedo Mask
  • KnucklesAGKMaker
  • Sam The Eagle
  • Rocky Novarin
  • Mireille Ballestrazzi
  • Guile
  • The General
  • Captain Pac-Man
  • Commissioner Gordon
  • Newsman
  • Caillou
  • Rhino Guard
  • Lab Rat
  • SWAT Rat
  • Pig Guard
  • Jimmy The Guard
  • Copter Men
  • Soldier Men
  • Pizza Delivery Man
  • The Demons
  • The Bero-Beros
  • King Bero
  • 16-Bit Tuxedo Mask
  • Slimer
  • Pac-Man (Arcade)
  • Martin Brisby
  • Barney (Cameo)
  • Josh Geary (Cameo)
  • Serena (Pokémon XY & Z) (Cameo)
  • Fabrice Laroche (Cameo)
  • Lyra (Pokémon) (Cameo)
  • Zelda (Cameo)
  • Skyla (Pokémon) (Cameo)
  • Pikachu (Cameo)
  • Homer Simpson (Cameo)
  • Ash Ketchum (Cameo)
  • Star Butterfly (Cameo)
  • Prohyas Warrior (Cameo)
  • Vambre Warrior (Cameo)
  • ShelbySparkle Star 28 (Cameo)
  • Hercules (Disney) (Cameo)
  • Megara (Disney) (Cameo)
  • Connor Marini (Cameo)
  • Lincoln Loud (Cameo)
  • Snow White (Disney) (Cameo)
  • Tiger The Cat (Cameo)
  • Otto Mann (Cameo)
  • Yoshi (Cameo)
  • Tailsko (Cameo)
  • Trish (Cameo)
  • Hank Hill (Cameo)
  • Chief Wiggum
  • Lou (The Simpsons)
  • Chitauri
  • True Caillou
  • Cloud Strife
  • Clyde McBride (Cameo)
  • Bart Simpson (Cameo)
  • Marge Simpson (Cameo)
  • Lisa Simpson (Cameo)
  • Maggie Simpson (Cameo)
  • Fievel Mousekewitz (Cameo)
  • Jake Randolf (Cameo)
  • Arata Hachiro (Cameo)
  • Harold Slikk (Cameo)
  • Mary Slikk (Cameo)
  • Leonard Slikk (Cameo)
  • Leonidas Slikk (Cameo)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog (Cameo)
  • Miles “Tails” Prower (Cameo)
  • Mario (Cameo)
  • Brian Griffin (Cameo)
  • Stewie Griffin (Cameo)
  • Joy (Cameo)
  • Ryu (Cameo)
  • Beavis (Cameo)
  • Butt-Head (Cameo)
  • Sly Cooper (Cameo)
  • Joker (Cameo)
  • Warren T. Rat (Cameo) (Extended Version Only)


Watch the Movie!

The Full Length version was published on November 19, 2016, but on February 14, 2018, it was re-uploaded due to copyright issues, and it was the music during the final fight against True Caillou. And, some of the dialogues are fixed. Also, the Extended version of the movie was published on April 2, 2017, and it has a 5-minute additional scenes that are never before seen from the regular version. Despite this, the extended version was re-uploaded on February 15, 2018, just like the full version which it has the same copyright claim.

Watch the full version here:

Watch the extended version here:


  • Warren T. Rat is the only character who appeared in the extended version.