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The Seven Hells are the main antagonists in season 2 of pauladrian360's Angry German Kid Series.

Members of Seven Hells

  • Eriol Hiiragizawa/Clow Reed (leader)
  • Fred Figglehorn
  • Creepy Katara
  • Satan
  • Albert Wesker
  • Baron Praxis
  • Doctrine Dark



  • In Episode "Let's face the Baron", Peter (Captain PS) jokingly referred Eriol to as Harry Potter, this was due to many fans of Cardcaptors where he resembled to Harry Potter.
  • Fred have creepy cartoonic normal eyes instead of pitch black and two glowing red dots based on Sonic.exe in cutout. This was due to pauladrian360's 2 years hiatus which he lost all of his old image and cutout.
  • The 7 on the picture above is the current logo from Australia's Seven Network from September 2003-present 
  • Satan's first appearance is a cutout from AVGN's review of Super Mario Bros. 3 however it was change in Episode 19 where he used his cutout from Devil Bores (who was played by Irate Gamer).
    • In Episode 25, his body is a photoshoped version of Hitler with Devil Bores head.