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The Sinister Virus is an AGK episode made by AzUrArInG.



Leopold decides to go to his computer; however, he finds out that his computer received a virus and the screen showed the blue screen of death.

One day ago, it is revealed that Harold Slikk (AGK's Dad) was the one who put the virus into Leopold's computer as he wanted revenge on him for trying to kill Gex, who he considers him to be his "lord and savior", and hasn't gotten over it, which gave him the idea of using a special kind of virus that can frighten Leopold to death.

It comes back to present time where Leopold is thinking about how he can get rid of the virus; however, the blue screen of death disappears and becomes completely black, frightening him, then something referred to as "The Weirdo" beats up AGK and brings him into the computer.

Leopold wakes up inside of his computer, wondering what is going on. Although Leopold realizes he can't move properly and he can't move his mouth, he can still say stuff with a different text font.

Suddenly, something appears nearby Leopold, causing Leopold to be frightened and angry at the time. The Sinister Virus (Atarster/Noah Riegel as The Sinister Virus) himself appears in front of him.

The Sinister Virus tells Leopold that he's going to die and he will always lose. However, Leopold gets a trick up his sleeve by using a bomb he had, known as the virus bomb. He throws it at the sinister virus, causing him to slowly die while changing into different forms (A messed up version of the newly Noah Riegel design, Dr. Philistine, and the 2nd variation of the Noah Riegel model but with a gold effect), which causes it to fade out and explode.

Finally, Leopold is seen back at his room and begins to feel extremely joyful after noticing that the virus is now gone.

Programs Used

  • PowerDirector 16

Music Used

  • Silver Surfer NES Theme
  • Godzilla Ending (The Return of Godzilla)
  • Giygas Battle Theme


  • This is the final AGK episode of AzUrArInG's AGK series in season 1.
  • This is the first time that Atarster/Noah Riegel is the main antagonist of AzUrArInG's AGK series. Although, he is seen as The Sinister Virus.
  • This marks the first appearance of The Weirdo and Dr. Philistine in the series.
    • Although Dr. Philistine is just a form that appears during The Sinister Virus' death.
  • This episode takes place right after AGK fights Gex the Gecko.
  • This is the first AGK episode of AzUrArInG's AGK series to be edited using one editor since AGK plays Cat Mario.
  • This is the first AGK episode of AzUrArInG's AGK series to be edited with PowerDirector 16 only.
  • The episode was actually produced before AGK's Stupid Nightmare, in fact, originally this episode was planned to be the 17th episode, and AGK fights Gex the Gecko was planned to be the 16th episode, but this was changed later on.
  • This is one of the few AGK episodes of AzUrArInG's AGK series that Leopold wins.