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The Slikk Winter Special is one of the upcoming episodes on AGK.


It is about 4:30 and Harold gets out of work. He goes to the market to buy food for the winter party. He bought beef anus, raw fish, lobster, and half and half, and Felix Slikk's favorite breakfast, bakery Star bread sticks . At the dairy section, he finds out there was one more milk jug, but it expires in 20 days. He gets the half and half, and gets Felix his bread.

Leopold goes to school at 5:59 in the morning for his science test. He then passes the test, and confronts Leah Handgraab on his way out. He then trades 97 cents for a 97 cent meal (2 large fries and a deluxe burger) at Burger King and went to the market to buy some soda party packs. Then he rode the early bus for the K station home. He checks his dad to see what he is up to, only to find out he is feeding Felix Slikk after watching the first game of the playoffs. He then eats his food, and checks around his computer. When he finds out a volleyball player, that specifically beaten his favorite college team, was shot and plugged into a severe RAMBLS (Respiratory Artificial Medical Breaking Low-Surgery,) he screamed for joy and did the CAR.SHEARER dance move. He continued to eat his food while doing his spare time on the computer.

A few minutes later, Dad and the kids go to the clubhouse to set up the party. There, they met Norman Slikk and his girlfriend, Sofie Mortimer. For a while, they set up Club Slikk, the club where only cool kids can hangout. Slikk people that Leopold hates (including his parents) are not eligible to join the club. Anyway, they helped with the food, the decor, and some snacks. They added party packs for soda, and chips.

His relatives came to start the party.

Leopold had a fun activity where he would shake Pepsi and would pop the top open and drink it. Everyone in the club starts chanting: LEOPOLD! LEOPOLD! LEOPOLD!

A few minutes later, Norman Slikk wanted to swim in the pool, but it was cold. So, Leopold set it for 30 degrees celsius which is warm enough to warm up. They had good times.

Members of the Club Slikk: Leopold Slikk Norman Slikk Felix Slikk Andreia Slikk Sofie Mortimer Harry Slikk Joel Slikk

Members that are not 'cool' and not eligible for Club Slikk: Harold Slikk Mary Slikk