Time Emblem 01

Shiroe Holding the Three Time Emblems

Time Emblem's are the mysterious artifact that appears in pauladrian360's Angry German Kid Series. They appeared in the Episode "Let's go to Kagutsuchi".


Time Emblem 02

Captain PS retrieved the fourth Time Emblem

The Time Emblem's are somewhat unknown but according to Shiroe it says that the time emblem is the only way to make Leopold and his friends return in their own time. The first three are already in Shiroe's hand and the rest are in Kagutsuchi, Elysium and Spargus (which is the place where The Seven Hells want to invade). The fourth Time Emblem was found by Leopold and Captain PS w/ help of Carl Clover in Kagutsuchi after the battle with Doctrine Dark. The fifth Time Emblem was found already by Satan(Devil Bores) before Leopold and his friends arrived in the Temple.



  • The Time Emblem was based on Kamidogu from Mortal Kombat Deception.
  • It is unknown when and where Shiroe found the three.
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