"Leopold, relax! I'm not a threat here! I may be a monster, but I'm too little to be any risk! You might as well call me tiny."

- Tiny Arstron, to Leopold Slikk.

Tiny Arstron (小型の アーストロン, Kogata Aāsutoron) is a young and friendly Arstron who appears in RCT3Crashes100's Angry German Kid Series. Currently, he has only appeared in one episode, Episode 6: Leopold and the Mysterious Orb. He is called 'Tiny' because although he towers over most humans, he is only two metres tall, as opposed to the 60 metres adults of his species grow to.


RCT3Crashes100's Angry German Kid Series

Tiny Arstron first appears after he comes to Leopold's room in the Hotel Adlon after Leopold transformed into Blue Orb Leopold for the first time, worried because he heard Leopold's screaming as he transformed. Tiny Arstron knocked on the door, causing Leopold to turn back to normal. Leopold was scared by Tiny Arstron, and called him a monster, but Tiny Arstron didn't care, because he is a Kaiju.

Tiny Arstron then offered his help to Leopold, giving him his Arstron device which allowed Leopold to restore more HP from the food he ate. He then warned Leopold of the presence of Palkia in Berlin, and offered to suggest where he should go next. Leopold, happy that he had befriended a Kaiju, thanked Tiny Arstron, and left the hotel. Tiny Arstron is yet to appear again, but he will most likely offer his help again.


  • (Tiny) Arstron is the second Ultraman series character to appear in RCT3Crashes100's Angry German Kid series, after Ultraman Belial, who first appears in the same episode as Tiny Arstron.
    • Of these characters, Tiny Arstron is the first of these characters to willingly assist Leopold. Belial planted the Blue Orb in the hopes that it would give him the ability to control Leopold and cause mischief, but he lost control over him, and he didn't do this for Leopold's benefit.
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