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Multiple images of Daler Mehndi performing the distinctive dance move

Tunak Tunak Tun (Punjabi: ਤੁਣਕ ਤੁਣਕ ਤੁਣ) is a bhangra/pop love song by Indian artist Daler Mehndi released in 1998. In many AGK parodies, Leopold hates this song. There is also a clone of Daler Mehndi with the same name Tunak Tunak Tun that appear in select Angry German Kid series and parodies.


RobertChamp's AGK Series

They are members of the Gang Of Seven, can be seen to drive a Hummer H3.

TheKewlOne96's Angry German Kid Series

They are killed by Harold Slikk in Movie 1 of The Angry German Kid Movie.

ikemash97's Angry German Kid Series

Harold plays the music to Leopold to snap him out of a drug-induced insanity in Episode #3.

Pauladrian360's Angry German Kid Series

In his series, Marc Clark loves this music.

NathanDesignerBoy7's Angry German Kid Series

In episode 16, Tunak Tunak Tun plays for the rest of the time in a romanian live concert. He rants the whole time.

Videoman1443's Angry German Kid Series

in some episodes, Leopold listens to it during a live concert and hates it. In episode 69, his parents played this song as a punishment.

AGKFan640's AGK Series

In Episode 10, Leopold listens to it on his Computer and hates it. In Episode 16, His phone was ringing and he pressed the button to stop it. Then, he tried to listen it on his iPod. In AGK's Vacation Videos, Leopold listens to it during a live concert and hates it.