Sound effects has been always an assential part of any video, including AGK parodies. In this page you'll find various links, sites and videos in which you can find a variety of sound effects for your series. Feel free to use them!

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AGK sound files

File name Link
Backward laugh
Leopold in pain
Leopold says whatever
Punishment Beating
Rage increase
The sausage egg song
Title card music
Take your gay microwave and die
Leopold's girly scream
Crazy laughter
O... Kay?

File sounds extracted and edited from the original AGK or Etche Gangster videos

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Findsounds is a website where a library full of sound effects can be found. ranged in various categories. From ambiental all the way to pop culture sound effects. There's a search bar that helps you find an especific sound.


The Sound Resource

The Sound Resource is a website where you can find sound effects extracted from videogames. All of the sounds of an specific game are compressed in a rar file and downloaded into your computer.

Sounds resource

Ed, Edd n' Eddy

Ed, Edd n' Eddy was a TV show that ran from January 4th 1999 all the way to November 8th 2009 on Cartoon Network. One of the many notable and memorable things about the show was it's use on sound effects. In summer of 2018, there were a fad where various people would edit scenes from other TV shows, movies and videogames by adding sound effects from the show, which all of them were extracted and compiled by Andromulus. Parodists like AGKandvideomaker2000 and PVMAGKVIDEOS are known for using them on AGK parodies.


Colin Wyckoff or Kitty0706 (1995 - 2015) was a Gmod Machinima known for videos like Team Fabolous 2 and Mass Defect. Kitty's videos were known for it's use of random and various sound effects and sound files (Some of which are also Ed, Edd, n' Eddy sound effects). In August of 2017, Youtube user: D FLOE, Compiled a pack full of all the sound effects that said Youtuber used on his videos. Parodists like AGKandvideomaker2000 are known for using them on AGK parodies.


Sometimes, an especific sound effect can't be found in any of the sites or packs previously listed and it's known that there's a library of varied sound effects or sound files on youtube. YTmp3 is a website where you can download a video in an mp3 format. All you have to do in order to get a sound effect from youtube is to copy the link of said video and paste it on the site, thus converting it on said format.



In case you want to share a site, pack or AGK sound file, let us know and we might add it on here

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