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"If you don't know DA WAE, you must pay with your life!"

An Ugandan Knuckles tells Leopold as he doesn't know what DA WAE means.

Ugandan Knuckles is an internet troll character that comes from "DO YOU KNOW DA WAE", a famous meme that starts in 2018. This character made by Gregzilla on 20th February 2017 as he was reviewing his "Sonic Lost World" gameplay video on YouTube.

Ugandan Knuckles makes his debut in Adrenaline21's AGK Series as he and his tribes have the task from Nova to kidnap the Slikkers and turn them into evil. Ugandan Knuckles has another appearances such as TaitoDragoKen and Silver Panther 2000.


Ugandan Knuckles' appearances looks like Knuckles but this Knuckles has bigger on body, smaller on limbs (both arms and legs), has opposite direction on eyeballs.

Voice and Mannerisms

In Adrenaline21's AGK Series, he and his tribe speak goofily as Adrenaline21 makes them similar to LOKMAN's videos on YouTube.

Adrenaline21's AGK Series

In Episode 40, Ugandan Knuckles and his tribe make their debut as Nova commands them to kidnap some Slikkers and guard his lair whenever intruders come. This happens after Nova's loss of the battle as female form.

After Ugandan Knuckles tribe kidnap the mentioned Slikkers, they give to Nova to transform them into corrupted and evil form of themselves and brainwash them to kill Leopold's crew. After the Slikkers has been kidnapped, the news reporter announces about the missing Slikkers and Leopold's crew are preparing to go inside Dark World again.

In Episode 56, after doppelgänger match and defeat of all Dark World Guardians, Leopold's crew decide to continue their trip to Nova's lair. Suddenly, they stop in the cave as they investigate the source origins. Later, it was revealed to be Ugandan Knuckles tribe's click noise.

Leopold, Johnny, Jack, Adrenaline21 and Cauliflo are investigating the river inside the cave while the others are discussing about Ugandan Knuckles, except for Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru, who make fun of Ugandan Knuckles tribe such as throwing chicken nuggets, beef bacons and chaos emeralds and insult them as "Retarded Knuckles", "Zombie Knuckles" and "Haris18's true form".

After the investigation ends, an Ugandan Knuckles climb up into the ground and asks to Leopold as "DO YOU KNOW DA WAE?", then Leopold answers "DA WAE MEANS YOU'RE GOING INTO WATERFALLS INSIDE DARK WORLD!". An Ugandan Knuckles tells Leopold "IF YOU DON'T KNOW DA WAE, YOU MUST PAY YOUR LIFE."

After Leopold's crew heard of Ugandan Knuckles' life paid, they escape immediately as an Ugandan Knuckles calls his tribe members "BRODAS" to capture them. As they reach into the portal to Nova's lair, they decide to pick Jack Randolf and Judy Hopps as the solution to wipe all of the Ugandan Knuckles tribe members away from their aim.

In Episode 57, after Ugandan Knuckles tribe wiped away, Jack and Judy are following Leopold's crew to Nova's lair. During Nova's battle with Leopold, Johnny, Jack and Adrenaline21, Nova tells Leopold that he mentions the flashback from Episode 40 and Leopold says "That's unforgivable, Nova. You've kidnapped innocent people and our best friend, James McStick with your dirty tricks. Even worse, James' loss made us sad and cry. Now, I'm gonna destroy you into pieces of ash!!"

In Episode 60, Ugandan Knuckles appears as a cameo on credits scene.

Bio (exclusive to Adrenaline21's AGK Series)


TheDankAGK2000's AGK Series


Silver Panther 2000's AGK Series





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