Okay, so I am taking part in this essay competition, just for the sake of it! So yeah, let's start.

The Essay

How and when did you discovered the Angry German Kid

I don't exactly remember how I discovered it, but I guess I was watching random videos and then I saw an AGK parody, so I decided to watch it. Despite the fact I only started making AGK videos in 2014, I discovered AGK around the late 2000s or the early 2010s.

How you feel when you watch it and make it

AGK videos are pretty good videos to watch and sometimes I just watch them when there are no other videos to watch. They can be fun to make as well, but there are also some AGK videos I am not too keen on, though, like the boring ones with hardly anything funny in them, or the ones that have little to no effort put into it. Parodists closing their accounts is also something that blows.

Comments on certain parodies, channels and series

I do miss watching Pokebob1's AGK parodies as they were enjoyable, but I do understand why he cancelled his AGK series. To talk about something else, I like how people like Atarster make animations. They can be brilliantly done as well.

Hardships on making parodies and how you solve it

There's not really an awful lot of difficulties making them with my video editing software, since I use Windows Live Movie Maker, but the difficulty making them is myself. I have a schedule and I take unnecessary long breaks until the last moment on a Saturday where I need to upload it. Later, I TRY to work more on a video on a better time.

What new things you have discovered or learnt since discovering AGK

I think I mostly learned how to make certain adventures using Paint & Windows Live Movie Maker, and put at least some effort in the animations and the timing of the attacks in my battle scenes and other stuff like that.

And more you could think about?

Not really, but hopefully the people who will take this in this competition enjoy writing their essays. :)

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