Hai. I am going to take part in this essay competition because I decided to do that. So here's my essay. :3

The Essay

How and when did you discover the Angry German Kid

I first discovered Angry German Kid in late-2011 when I was 10. The first AGK parody I have ever seen is "Angry German Kid Kills Fred... Again" by an influential Slikker known as AngryGermanKid82. He introduced me to AGK parodies. While I was watching videos by FRED, I saw the thumbnail for this video. I watched the episode and I laughed when Leopold gets annoyed by FRED's screaming and he beats him up. I've started making AGK episodes less than half a year later.

How you feel when you watch it and make it

I really enjoy watching AGK episodes. Some were funny, while others were innovative, such as the ones by TheAGKMisadventures, who integrate animation to his AGK videos. However, I'm not zealous on the boring ones, the poor quality, and overused episodes. Slikkers closing accounts are also something that fails. I made 11 AGK episodes and it has mediocre to poor quality, but when I upload it to YouTube, it got positive reviews.

Comments on certain parodies, channels and series

I really miss Pokebob1 because not only he inspires me to make AGK episodes, but he introduces me to Downfall Parodies. I can understand why he closed his account. I praised pauladrian360 because his AGK series took place in the future and made his series more action. Cansin13 and Atarster are one of the greatest Slikkers I have ever seen. They have impressive quality and fresh ideas, so doesTheKewlOne96. MichaelsiCast is one of my favorite (and underrated) Slikkers. Jeeves476 is also good, though.

Hardships on making parodies and how you solve it

When I use Speakonia in 2012, I have difficulties exporting text to WAV audio because I need to register Speakonia, but I can't because I was too young to register it, so I decided to record the TTS voice with a microphone. Luckily, after creating my Gmail account, I register Speakonia and now, I can finally export the text to WAV. In AGK EP6, WMM can't import the "Metaler" clip, so I decided to use text instead. If I can make a Neo-Classic remake of AGK EP6, I can replace text with an actual clip of "Metaler."

What new things you have discovered or learnt since discovering AGK

On season 2, when making videos with Sony Vegas, I learned how to use Sony Vegas through tutorials on YouTube. I learned how to use key framing, special effects, and audio effects. I don't have much to say because I ran out of ideas.

And more you could think about?

AGK is really important in my life because without it, I won't discover things I live, like AVGN, Sony Vegas, and most importantly, classic rock and metal. Well, I think that's it for my essay. Hope you enjoy writing your essays, amigos! ✌

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