Hello, dear user.

If you have stumbled upon this page, then allow me to say this: there is absolutely nothing for you to see here. Unless you want to read this...

Back when I was 14-years old, I really enjoyed watching Angry German Kid videos, mainly those by AngryGermanKid82, TheKewlOne96, Cansin13, AGKandvideomaker2000, and Atarster. They were my favourite Slikkers of all time, and I've wanted to become like them. At first, ideas were just basic (the same episode ideas as everyone had done over 9000 times), but as the years went on, I tried to come up with a storyline. It wasn't easy at first, but I stil got to come up with one...

But I'm mostly (and sadly) remembered for having brought an abomination to this community and made it, along with this website, meet its downfall. And that is...Tailsko. Oh boy, where do I even start? Should I even introduce her? Nah, I don't think so. But let me tell you something: I begged Atarster/CrashFan96 to add her in his series, and I even had an idea in mind (which I now find it terrible). He did not like my idea, yet I honestly find his idea better than mine, even if it was a bit too...empty. At first, people didn't get phased by Tailsko, which I thought was okay (come on, do not lie to me). But she didn't last a couple of years when she was deemed "overrated", mostly due to her appearance. I don't know what you would have done (if so, tell me), but I decided to kill her off in CasperTheLawlBro2001's AGK series. I thought it'd work, but it turns out I was wrong when a manchild by the name of Aaron Doan whined over it. You can not imagine the mess I was being dragged into starting from August of 2018...

To this day, I still think about all the things I've done while I was on that website. I let this wound bleed out to cause all of this, and I have no idea how to heal it. All this guilt and shame is consuming me, and I don't think I'll be able to sleep after all of this. Not to mention some person who'd turn out to be a groomer stated that Tailsko was a form of Tails Abuse (by turning an eight-year old into a bimbo), and that he'd "put artists who depict Tails as a bimbo to shame". I'm never going to forget about the nightmare I've been enduring for months. I just have so much guilt inside me that it's practically tearing me apart everyday. I swear, Tailsko is a SLEEP PARALYSIS DEMON to my eyes. And there are those who want to make her a laughingstock. Just...why? -_-

Also, I have been feeling bitter about all of this. Like, I hate to shock you, but we have absolutely not fixed the damage caused by Atarster/CrashFan96. Exposing Noah for being a predator solved nothing: we still have episodes with plots that are reused over nine thousand times, we still have people who keep useing ideas that are considered as "cliché", and we even have kids under 13 who are entering our community. Seriously, somebody should do something about it, because I don't think the meme is gonna last long. Besides, one guy made a rant on you back in 2015. Do you not realize that something may be wrong here? Even TheAGKMisadventures said on that year that it was ripoff after ripoff. Save it now instead of spitting on Atarster and killing each other over nipples. -_-

Thank you for taking your time reading this.


RockyBro10 (A.K.A. Dwayne R. Walten)

UPDATE: So, I was unblocked from this Wiki because I did nothing wrong to this website. While I appreciate the gesture and the concern, I just don't belong to this website anymore. If you notice that I changed my message, know that I am NEVER coming back. At this point, I just think it's a lost cause. By the time you read this, I'd have deleted all my files on this website. So don't bother trying to get my attention on this Wiki. It's over. Please do me a favor, and stop mentioning me on this website. Remove EVERY SINGLE PICTURE about me from this Wiki. I no longer want to be remembered as that one dude that brought the entire community to its knees because of my unenlightenment.

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