Christmas Ace

Christmas Ace approves of this essay.

Alright, I decided to take part in this competition because I have some time off from writing my assignments for university. With that being said, let us begin!

The Essay!

How and when did you discover the Angry German Kid

Although I've only been making parodies of the Angry German Kid since 2013, I have been watching AGK parodies for much longer. I was first introduced to AGK Parodies through the original parody maker, Jeeves476, and the reference to the AGK in DasBoSchitt's GMod Idiot Box. I discovered AGK Parodies for the first time either in 2009 or 2010, I can't remember.

How you feel when you watching it and making it

Well, I obviously enjoy watching AGK Parodies! However, I'm not keen on overused episodes, poorly made episodes such as those made by Brian Chiem, and unfunny episodes. I also don't like to see a Parody maker close their account.

Comments on certain parodies, channels and series

Although I understand why Pokebob1 stopped making AGK Parodies, I miss watching them, and wish that they had been mirrored rather than deleted. I don't really have much else to say on that matter. I also find it rather fascinating as to how active the AGK Meme is, and how it goes through periods of maturity and immaturity. There are times when all the good parody makers are in full force, many of which inhabit this wiki, and other times when the Meme is dead and being ruined by immature people who overuse clichés.

Hardships on making parodies and how you solve it

I often have trouble animating in Windows Movie Maker because of how juddery it can be. However, I am refining my skills through remaking 'super minecraft kid's Minecraft Animated! in GMod. I also have trouble choosing what Kaiju or Ultras are going to be included, because there's so many to choose from!

What new things you have discovered or learnt since discovering AGK

I have mostly learned how to use various programs, and also how to animate properly in Microsoft Powerpoint, which will be featured in Episode #8. I also completed my A Levels while making my AGK Series.

Any more you could think about?

I think I've explained myself adequately! I'll let you all in on a secret - I am already really excited for Christmas! I hope you guys enjoy writing your essays, and I'll probably be editing this a little bit more because I have run out of ideas for now.

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