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"Oh yeah!" - Leopold Slikk

The below information contains spoilers for a parody series. Do not read ahead if you want it spoiled!

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We all know that RPG scenes are seen in some AGK series, such as AGK82, TheKewlOne96 and Cansin13. Some are based on SSB, some based on others (I don't know too much). I have designed a new RPG scene based on the Mario & Luigi series. Let's take a look.

Command blocks


Attack enemies using your keyboard

Attack Description How to attack
Keyboard smash Hit the target enemy like what Leopold's doing all day. When Leopold approaches the enemy, repeatedly press the "A" button.
Keyboard throw Charges and throw the keyboard towards the target enemy. Unlocks in level 2. Press "A" once the charging is done.
Keyboard strike 2-stage strike as seen in TheKewlOne96's series. Unlocks in level 6. Press "A" twice when Leopold strikes the enemy.
Keyboard charge In CDiFan237's series. Unlocks in level 10. Charges for a couple of turns. During charging Leopold cannot attack with his keyboard. Press "A" when Leopold strikes the target enemy.


Specials attacks, including individual and grouped. May require items. Costs a couple of SP.


Attack Description How to attack
Coke Delivered from AGK82's series. Unlocks in level 2. Costs 2 SP. Press the "A" button repeatedly to charge. You have to time well as if you overcharge, you will take damage, regardless the shield.
Pencil of Doom Delivered from Hitler. Unlocks in level 4. Costs 4 SP. Hold the "A" button to charge.
Atari 7800 Used in Atarster and Cansin13's series. Unlocks in level 7. Leopold takes 5-20% damage, regardless the shield. Costs 6 SP. Press "A" right after charging. If you do not time well you may take even more damage.


Attack Description How to attack
Volley Delivered from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Unlocks in level 8. Hit enemies with a ball. Each player costs 4 SP. Press the corresponding button of the player when the ball approaches the player to strike.
Falling Star Delivered from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Unlocks in level 20. Each player costs 6 SP. Press the corresponding button of the player repeatedly. Note the flashing of player's hands in order to switch buttons.


Thingies that can restore HP and SP.


Can call other characters to back up Leopold. Can invoke not more than 2 characters. Each invoke lasts 2 turns.


Attack Description How to attack
Antic Replaces the "keyboard" command block. Delivered from the hand attack from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Press the button when done charging.


Attack Description How to attack
Pencil Same as Leopold's pencil attack, but doesn't cost SPs. Press the button when done charging.


Jake (If he isn't here)

Battle cards

Each attack will charge Leopold's badge meter. When it is fully charged, a new battle card will be available. Only 1 card can be used each turn. Card slots are unlimited. Features of the battle cards include:

  • Temporarily increases power or defense
  • Restores HP and SP
  • Strike an enemy with certain damage

Level system

There are 5 variables: HP, SP, power, defense, speed and luck. In each level up each variable will be increased by 2 to 4.


Level HP SP Power Defense Speed Luck Experience Next
1 11 10 18 12 15 5 0 20
2 13 13 20 14 17 7 20 35
3 16 15 23 16 19 9 55 50
4 18 18 25 18 21 11 105 65
5 22 20 27 21 23 13 170 80


  • Leopold can counterattack while the enemy approached him.
  • Enemies' HP are not shown.