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VideoPad Video Editor is a video editing software developed by NCH Software. In spite of small size, it has a lot of features compared to other video editors. Its performance is about the middle between the entry-level Windows Movie Maker and advanced-level Sony Vegas.

Initially available for Microsoft Windows, ports for Mac OS X and Android were later released. If used on obsolete computers, it will get clunky. It is free to use for 14 days until you'd have to purchase the full version (unless you use a patcher). There is also an option for users to downgrade to a free non-licensed version with less features and no trial period.

Pros and Cons


  • Supports many of the major video and audio formats.
  • Full of video transitions and effects. This can be extended with VirtualDub's plugins.
  • Effects and transitions duration can be adjusted.
  • Intuitive sequence-based subtitling features. Unfortunately not integrated in the timeline view (so there's no drag-dropping.)
  • Supports text and image/video overlays. A simple Chroma keying is also added.
  • Supports video stabilizing
  • Ability to render stereoscopic 3D videos
  • Can export to a variety of formats and qualities (up to full HD.)
  • Can directly upload your project to YouTube.
    • No longer works when YouTube changed its API. Same thing happens to older versions of other video editors including Sony Vegas Pro 11.


  • No traditional Cut/Copy/Paste support. It can only duplicate a video sequence. Later versions support use of keyboard shortcuts
  • Can not change pitch and speed of an audio sequence.
  • Overlays are placed on top of subtitles.
  • Still image in videos doesn't render properly sometimes.
  • Preview sometimes takes forever.

In AGK parodies

So far, there are a few Slikkers who use VideoPad, such as Ivan187 and MrSolarSun.