After Johnny turned Barney into BND of Doom, he enters into Johnny's garage to jumpscare them. Barney goes angry for turning him into BND of Doom, then, he uses "Jumpscare of Doom" towards Leopold and Johnny helps him to use Overdrive to finish Barney, soon, the BND of Doom form explodes afterwards.

According to Johnny, the BND of Doom form is actually his antic. Later, Johnny throws Spiel-Exploder towards Barney and they hide into the the safe spot. After Barney's defeat, Leopold and Johnny going happily ever after.


Audios Used

  • Kingdom Hearts 2-Darkness of the Unknown~HD 2.5 ver.~
  • Sonic 2006-Wishing upon Chaos Emeralds
  • Journey through the Decade
  • Try Everything

Videos Used

  • Viacom BND of Doom

Programs Used

  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 Pro
  • Wondershare Filmora ver 8.x


  • The last time to use non-transparent background for objects
  • The only episode to be released on July
  • The last time to use "Adrenaline21 Parodies Present" and "Adrenaline21's AGK Parodies"
  • The 1st time Leopold uses his Overdrive
  • The last part of Barney Arc episodes
  • The 2nd time Adrenaline21 gets a copyright claim
  • The last time to use "Journey through the Decade", later episodes use "Journey through the Decade~Orchestra ver.~" to prevent copyright claim.
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