This script is made for Episode 46 and 47 of Adrenaline21's AGK Series, written and created by Adrenaline21.


  • Leopold Slikk
  • Johnny Fort Spieler
  • Highbunker HxH
  • Cauliflo (cameo)
  • Judy Hopps
  • Nick Wilde
  • Jade Hopper
  • Steve Fort Demir
  • Vanessa Nakamura
  • Alisa von Dreissig
  • PrinceStickFigure (Mentioned only)
  • Atarster (Mentioned only)
  • GeneBernardinoLawl (voiced as himself)
  • Togsy (only on credits)


Part 1: Episode 46

Cue: Rockman X-Zero Space 2

Narrator: Previously on "The Angry German Kid: Finale Show"

(*Clips from Episode 45*)

Cue: Kingdom Hearts 3D-My Heart's Descent.

Narrator: After the defeat of PrinceStickFigure and Atarster by Team Pairs and Team Angry Kids, now Vanessa and Alisa will find another missing parodist will have been around on Dark World.

Alisa: *walks with Vanessa* Vanessa, is that a code of missing AGK Parodist? *points into the rock*

Vanessa: Yeah, Alisa. The text will be represent as "GBL" code on it.

Alisa: I know, Vanessa and the "GBL" code means "GeneBernardinoLawl", an AGK Parodist from 2017 World also he's a friend of Adrenaline21 from Philippines, right.

Vanessa: *shows her thumb* Let's go, Alisa von Dreissig.

Alisa: Yeah, whatever we are. *runs into GBL rock code*

Alisa: *Spiel-Communicator ring-tone before reach into GeneBernardinoLawl's rock code* Uhm, Johnny.

Johnny: *Starts voice chatting with Alisa* Hey, Alisa. Did you found any other missing AGK Parodists?

Alisa: Nope, we're just found GeneBernardinoLawl's code on it.

Adrenaline21: If you found any of them, tell us with Spiel-Communicator, right.

Alisa: Right, Adrenaline21. *puts her Spiel-Communicator on her pants*

Vanessa: Are you finish to communicate with our friend?

Alisa: Yes, i did it and let's wait Gene if he's come at us.

Vanessa: *shows her thumb again and sits with Alisa*

GBL: *black smoke*

Alisa: *stands and step backwards of fear* Vanessa, stand up. GBL has come to us.

Vanessa: Uhm, OK.

GBL: *a silhouette revealed to be GBL's corrupted version (using Adrenaline21's sprite)* Hey, intruders. What are you doing!? You're just make me annoyed for the rock code activates itself.

Vanessa: Yeah, we're doing that and you'll gonna be rescued by us.


Alisa: Vanessa, this will be annoying forever and should we fight him instead...

Vanessa: I agree with you.


Cue: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep-Dismiss~HD 2.5 ver.~

(*Corrupted GBL wants to fight*)

(*Alisa uses garbage golem*)

GBL: *takes 3% damage from Alisa* DAMN!

(*The fight scene*)

Cue: Rockman Zero 4-Promise Next New World

GBL: *pant* Did you attack me until my health is under 50%? I'M NEVER DEFEATED BY GIRLS LIKE YOU!

Vanessa: Uh, Oh!

Narrator: Gene's health is now under 50% and what happen to him? Find out on "The Angry German Kid: Finale Show".

To be continued...

Part 2: Episode 47

Cue: Rockman X-Zero Space 1

Narrator: Previously on "The Angry German Kid: Finale Show".

(*Clips from Episode 46*)


GBL: *pant* Gah, Why am I bleeding, why!?

Vanessa: Maybe you'll got exhausted easily.

GBL: *tries to maul Vanessa*

Vanessa: *dodges and using roundhouse kick* Gene, the fight isn't over yet.

Alisa: Vanessa, let's go.

(*The fight continues again*)

Cue: Kamen Rider DCD's Climax Time

Gene: *pant* GAH! I can't be defeated by my golden form.

Alisa: Give up, Gene. Give up anyways or else we'll kill you.

Vanessa: Right, Alisa. Let's use "Over Assault" anyways

(*Finishes Gene with Over Assault*)

Gene: RAAAARGH! (*destroyed into ashes*)

Vanessa: Phew, that's so hard to take him down.

Alisa: Perhaps, Vanessa. Let's talk to Team Johnny by Spiel-Communicator.

Vanessa: *shows her thumb* *using Spiel-Communicator* *The screen shown up*

Johnny: Vanessa, are you finish fighting with the purple plumber?

Vanessa: Yes, I did it with Alisa. So, are you try to find something?

Johnny: Yeah, I guess so.

Alisa: Goodbye, Johnny.

Johnny: Goodbye, too. Girls. *Folds Spiel-Communicator and placed on Johnny's pant*

Cue: Rockman Zero 4-Promise Next New World

Narrator: As Vanessa and Alisa are finishing their fight by founding an AGK Parodist named "GeneBernardinoLawl", Now Team Johnny will find the next missing parodists. Find out on the next episode of The Angry German Kid: Finale Show.


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