It was a normal day in Leopold's house when Şafak Sezer told Leopold about the new Scary Movies, then Leopold decided to search these movies on the internet. The information he found was about the Sacred Demijohn until he found a Wikipedia page about until he fount out about Sacred Demijohn Series After that, Leopoldstarted Singing "Let's Get Lost".

He heard that Ersin didn't made an Apperence in the first film until he checked the release confirmed by Wikipedia, the movies have been released in Turkey. But the movie never came out in the İstanbul, but not in Eurpoe until he found out about a live Thriller movie, the movie was made by Zero Film.

After that, Leopold went in IMDB to look up one more time until he fount about the release the release date about Sacred Demijohn for the Turkey successfuly, and Leopold is planning to kill Fikret. After that, Leopold took one more look at the live Horror movie until the movie started to be in progress, making Her mad, and started to smash his keyboard, but Selen is Possessed. Leopold is screaming, and go to the bathroom, but He's destroys to Her, and He's going happily ever after.

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