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Wheatley Ichirou Khalifa Yrahcaz LXIX (born as Zachary Tyler Horton in real life) is an American AGK parodist and Unterganger based in Forrest City, Arkansas and the Memphis area, and the creator of AGK Revamped. He was inspired by AngryGermanKid82, and other AGK Makers and Untergangers to make his AGK Revamped series and downfall parodies.

Original AGK Series

During spring of 2015, Wheatley made 2 AGK episodes that consisted of AGK Playing Sonic 3D Blast 5, and going to school. He also made a series about himself, having the same voice of AGK, but low pitched. Later that year, he cancelled the series due to how cringeworthy it was. The series later got revamped in 2017.

Beginning Unterganger

On September of 2016, Wheatley decided to motivate himself by making Downfall parodies.

The Revamp

On February 5, 2017, Wheatley announced that he would bring back his AGK series. He had released more episodes than he had released on his previous AGK Series. His most viewed AGK episode is "AGK gets the 000.exe Virus." Today, he still creates AGK parodies, but has his AGK Revamped Series on pause for a while, due to the lack of ideas.

Ubisoft Logo Bloopers

On July 4, 2017, he has started a series of Logo bloopers inspired by davemadson and others known as "Ubisoft Logo Bloopers." It is said to have a crossover with AGK Revamped in the near future. Later in Fall of 2017, he announced that Ubisoft Logo Bloopers was cancelled due to how cringeworthy it was and how it was the worst logo bloopers series ever.

Lack of Episodes

Due to all the drama that has been going on, Wheatley decided that he was gonna stop all of his videos, including AGK Revamped due to him being cyberbullied on the internet and suicidal thoughts. However, he always survived his suicide attempts.

Will AGK Revamped continue?

On 2018 January 14, Wheatley is currently making a trailer that will let others know that AGK Revamped is coming back, so we should know that this is a good sign.

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