Windows Movie Maker, also known by its abbreviation, WMM, is a video editing program by Microsoft.

The first version was available for Windows Me in 2000, followed by Windows XP in 2001.

Movie Maker 6.0 is the last version to be built-in with the system. In 2008, Its replacement, Windows Live Movie Maker, was included with Windows Live Essentials, a free download from Windows Live. Many features in WMM was removed, but some features were subsequently re-added.

In later versions of Windows (Windows 7 and above), the program has to be downloaded manually. WMM version 6.0 is available for download: 32-bit / 64-bit.

In AGK parodies

Due to its ease of use, it is often used to make AGK parodies. It is the most suitable video editor for beginners. However, the usage of Windows Movie Maker to AGK makers is starting to plummet due to the popularity of Sony Vegas, which allows more advanced techniques.

It sometimes appears as a cameo in certain AGK episodes, usually when Leopold Slikk uses it himself to edit videos, sometimes even of himself!

Notable users



  • AGK82 (Now uses Sony Vegas to make entire episodes since EP45)
  • Pauladrian360 (Now uses Cyberlink Powerdirector since EP21)
  • Tanzim K (Now uses Sony Vegas since EP12)
  • AGK Universe (Now uses Camtasia since EP10)
  • TheCrazinessCat (Now uses Sony Vegas to make his AGK Rebooted Randomness series)
  • Oeboinez (Now uses Camtasia Studio since Season 2)
  • UsefulAGKHelper (Now uses Sony Vegas)


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