1. REDIRECT Template:ParodistXY Nutz (formerly Illuminati 91021) is an AGK parodist since 2015 from America. She just started her first season of her AGK series. In her first season, she remakes her favorite manga, Pokemon Reburst. She is now lacking in correct materials so she can't start her Echter Gangster Show. She currently has outdated Mac book, screen flow and karaoke microphone.




Krimson empire Hamahime

  • Krimson Hamahime

Seven dark crusaders

  • Chromy Kasumi
  • Magneta Sirius
  • Reddy Beasty
  • Deez Nuts
  • Fire Apollo
  • MX A1
  • Omega Dynamo

Three brainwashed ones

  • Fake Atarster (Costumed by Titanie Gate)
  • Fake Emily (Costumed by Merkury Skorpio)

Supporting characters

Neutral Ones

  • Camtasia
  • Adobe
  • Kaminarin
  • Kaminalen
  • Misslim
  • Alia
  • Barza
  • Bartholomew
  • Awilda
  • Amaterasu


The episodes are unannounced yet.


  • Her videos will be very contrasted from other AGK parodists.
  • Hitler and Hitler parody characters will never be in her show due to being offensive, especially to Jewish people, who were offended by Nazi.
  • She loves Sentai, Capcom, Nintendo etc.
  • Her signature color is pink, blue and white.
  • She is good at swimming and violin.
  • Her older brother annoys her for making her AGK show.
  • She gets angry when her brother sees her videos.
  • She uses Screenflow to make her episodes.
  • Her characters in her show are her originally made by her due to her violating copyright laws.
  • She hates spongebob, Ghibil's animation, and kung fu panda. Characters from the following shows will never be in her show.
  • She goes against anything offensive to avoid any negative comments on her videos.
  • She knows that German people will give negative comments for using the archetypical AGK audio scourge because it usually in non-English language ang archetypical AGK uses non-English audio with a false translation written.
  • Starting from November 15, 2015, she will take a break due to her account name being offensive until she makes a video that her parents can approve. She is thinking to change her YouTube account name. However, her new account name hasn't been confirmed.
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