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Xposur100 is an AGK parodist since November 28, 2018. Like most overrated family-friendly parodies, the series revolves around Leopold Slikk being good instead of being bad, he also doesn't include curse words in the videos, mainly because of religious or family circumstances.


Fayette2005 Lords (2018)

Xposur100 made his first YouTube channel on February 2018 as Fayette2005 Lords. He first uploaded his Just Dance fanmade mashups, and other videos. Unfortunately, he deleted his old email due to his hiatus.

SnowLord100 (2018)

He then created another account called SnowLord100 in September 2018. He became interested in watching AGK videos, so he decided to make his own series (but with cursing). He closed his account on October for unknown reasons.

Xposur100 (2018-present)

On October 31 (Halloween 2018), He made his third account called Xposur100. He first upload Roblox videos, Scary Maze Kid videos, and YouTube Poops. In November 28, 2018, He started his series all over again, but without cursing. His episode 12, AGK makes a YTP, was very popular as of 2020.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Recurring/Minor Characters

  • DJ Michaels
  • Fred Figglehorn
  • Michael Myers (Deceased)
  • Alex Williams
  • Santa Claus
  • Rodrigo.exe


No Episodes Watch Release Date Description
1 AGK watches funny videos November 28, 2018 Leopold watches funny videos.
2 AGK gets a virus November 29, 2018 Leopold loads a game called Unreal Tournament, but he got a virus. Will he fix the pc!.
3 AGK gets pranked December 1, 2018 Leopold gets pranked.
4 AGK meets Xposur100 December 5, 2018 Leopold meets his friend Xposur100.
5 AGK makes a music video December 8, 2018 While Leopold was bored, he decided to make a music video.
6 AGK's Nightmare December 9, 2018 Leopold goes to sleep, but he has a nightmare.
7 AGK sees himself on YouTube December 9, 2018 Leopold sees himself on YouTube.
8 AGK plays Super Mario Bros. December 10, 2018 Leopold gets a console and play Super Mario Bros.
9 AGK meets his oldest brother December 14, 2018 Leopold meets his oldest brother named Leopold Jr. Slikk.
10 AGK goes to the internet cafe December 15, 2018 Leopold goes to the internet cafe.
11 AGK's Christmas December 19, 2018 Leopold's Christmas.
12 AGK makes a YTP December 21, 2018 Leopold decided to make a YouTube Poop.
13 AGK vs. Darth Vader January 1, 2019 Leopold finds someone who ding dong ditched his door and it was Darth Vader, so he decided to fight with him.
14 AGK goes Username 666 January 4, 2019 Leopold goes to Username 666.
15 AGK goes to Wendy's January 6, 2019 Leopold is hungry, so he goes to Wendy's
16 AGK gets annoyed by Mario Head January 13, 2019 Leopold gets annoyed by Mario Head.
17 AGK makes pictures of himself January 21, 2019 Leopold draws a picture of himself.
18 AGK watches Hotel Mario cutscenes February 13, 2019 Leopold decided to watch Hotel Mario Cutscenes.
19 AGK meets his older brother February 23, 2019 Leopold meets his older brother.
20 Lt. Hammerman's Revenge April 20, 2019 Lt. Hammerman wants to get revenge on Leopold while going to Jake's house.
21 The Invasion (1/2) August 29, 2019 The Invasion starts when Leopold's computer came out by error messages.
22 The Invasion (2/2) October 6, 2019 Jake helps Leopold to stop the invasion.
23 AGK plays Roblox October 14, 2019 Leopold is bored and he decided to play Roblox.
24 AGK goes to the safehouse October 19, 2019 Leopold want to visit the safehouse.
25 AGK's Halloween October 29, 2019 Leopold's Halloween.
26 AGK clones himself November 23, 2019 Leopold decided to clone himself.
27 AGK meets Angry Dominican Kid February 11, 2020 Leopold meets his new friend/neighbor Ronald Ramirez a.k.a. Angry Dominican Kid.
28 AGK watches YTP videos February 17, 2020 Leopold likes to watch YTP videos.
29 AGK goes to KFC March 11, 2020 Leopold wants to eat at KFC
30 AGK accidentally goes to April 22, 2020 Leopold accidentally typed goggle instead of Google.
31 AGK goes to the Unreal Tournament Fan Club June 10, 2020 Leopold decided to go to Unreal Tournament fan club after his friend Jake calls him.
32 AGK's Grandpa August 9, 2020 Leopold's grandpa visits.
33 AGK plays Flappy Bird August 13, 2020 Leopold plays Flappy Bird.
34 AGK vs. Flappy Bird August 31, 2020 Flappy Bird is going to kill Leopold and his friends and Leopold has to stop him.
35 AGK goes to Burger King September 8, 2020 Leopold and his friends goes to Burger King.
36 AGK plays Action 52 September 11, 2020 Leopold plays Action 52.
37 AGK vs. Lt. Hammerman again September 17, 2020 Leopold battles with Lt. Hammerman again after he received an mail from him.
38 AGK plays Geometry Dash September 30, 2020 Leopold is bored and decided to play Geometry Dash.
39 AGK goes to Nightclub October 3, 2020 Leopold goes to the nightclub and see his friends.
40 AGK pranks his family October 9, 2020 Leopold pranks his family.
41 AGK plays Team Fortress 2 October 14, 2020 Leopold plays Team Fortress 2.
42 AGK meets Mario October 17, 2020 Leopold meets Mario.
43 AGK plays Street Fighter October 17, 2020 Leopold plays Street Fighter.
44 AGK plays Insanity.exe October 22, 2020 Leopold plays a creepy game called Insanity.exe
45 AGK and the fake NES emulator October 23, 2020 Leopold downloads a fake NES emulator and the game got glitched.
46 AGK watches Fred October 26, 2020 Leopold watches Fred, but gets annoyed.
47 AGK vs. Fred October 28, 2020 Leopold fights Fred.
48 AGK plays Cat Mario October 30, 2020 Leopold plays Cat Mario, but then gets mad as he keeps losing.
49 AGK plays Counter Strike Originally released on November 1, 2020, but it was removed for violating YouTube's terms of service. This was reuploaded on November 24, 2020. This episode is on private. Leopold plays Counter Strike.
50 AGK watches Suicidemouse.avi November 3, 2020 Leopold watches a creepy video called Suicidemouse.avi
51 AGK's good dream November 3, 2020 Leopold has a good dream.
52 AGK vs. Michael Myers November 5, 2020 Michael Myers breaks into Leopold's house.
53 AGK goes to Starbucks November 6, 2020 Leopold goes to Starbucks.
54 AGK goes to Jake's party November 12, 2020 Leopold goes to Jake's party.
55 AGK watches Angry Video Game Nerd November 13, 2020 Leopold watches Angry Video Game Nerd.
56 AGK watches Greatest Freakout Ever November 17, 2020 Leopold watches Greatest Freakout Ever.
57 AGK plays Slenderman November 19, 2020 Leopold plays Slenderman.
58 AGK plays Yoshi.exe November 24, 2020 Leopold plays a scary game called Yoshi.exe.
59 AGK's Thanksgiving November 26, 2020 Leopold and his family celebrates Thanksgiving.
60 AGK plays Sonic the Hedgehog November 27, 2020 Leopold plays Sonic the Hedgehog.
61 AGK has a crazy dream December 1, 2020 Leopold has a crazy dream.
62 AGK plays Super Mario Bros. 2 December 3, 2020 Leopold plays Super Mario Bros. 2
63 AGK plays Mario.exe December 4, 2020 Leopold plays a scary game called Mario.exe.
64 AGK saves Christmas (1/3) December 8, 2020 Leopold and his friends must save Christmas before it is too late.
65 AGK saves Christmas (2/3) December 10, 2020 Leopold and his friends must save Christmas before it is too late.
66 AGK saves Christmas (3/3) December 11, 2020 Leopold and his friends finally saved Christmas.
67 AGK plays Pac-Man December 15, 2020 Leopold plays Pac-Man.
68 AGK plays Outlast December 18, 2020 Leopold plays Outlast.
69 AGK plays Donkey Kong December 18, 2020 Leopold plays Donkey Kong.
70 AGK buys a new computer March 25, 2021 Leopold buys a new computer.
71 AGK plays Super Mario Bros. 3 March 25, 2021 Leopold plays Super Mario Bros. 3.
72 AGK goes to White Castle April 22, 2021 Leopold goes to White Castle.
73 AGK plays Portal May 4, 2021 Leopold plays Portal.
74 AGK makes a film May 27, 2021 Leopold decided to make a film.
75 AGK plays Halo 4 May 28, 2021 Leopold plays Halo 4.
76 AGK and the end of the world June 28, 2021 The world will end in 2049 for Leopold, but it's just a nightmare.
77 AGK plays a scary maze game July 12, 2021 Leopold plays a scary maze game.
78 AGK plays the Impossible Quiz July 26, 2021 Leopold plays The Impossible Quiz.
79 AGK watches angry people on YouTube July 27, 2021 Leopold watches angry people on YouTube.
80 AGK and the tornado August 10, 2021 Leopold is being killed by a tornado, but it's just a dream.
81 AGK watches another Greatest Freakout Ever August 13, 2021 Leopold watches another Greatest Freakout Ever videos.
82 AGK watches Mario and Luigi's Quest for Cupcakes August 16, 2021 Leopold watches the YTP video called Mario and Luigi's Quest for Cupcakes.
83 AGK plays Super Mario Flash September 14, 2021 Leopold plays Super Mario Flash.
84 AGK goes to Dave and Busters September 22, 2021 Leopold goes to Dave and Busters.
85 AGK's Uncle October 9, 2021 Leopold's uncle visit and his brothers and him are planning to get rid of him.
86 AGK vs. his uncle October 18, 2021 Leopold fights his uncle.
87 AGK plays Sackboy.unzipped October 31, 2021 Leopold plays Sackboy.unzipped because Dark Mario send him a game message and he don't like it.
88 AGK goes to GameStop November 2, 2021 Leopold goes to GameStop to buy a game.
89 AGK watches Microsoft Windows commercials November 10, 2021 After getting a nightmare of Noob.exe last night, Leopold watches Microsoft Windows commercials.
90 AGK vs. Venom November 20, 2021 Leopold fights Venom.
91 AGK and friends pass the math test November 22, 2021 Leopold and his friends pass the math test.
92 AGK watches more angry people on YouTube November 24, 2021 Leopold watches more angry people on YouTube.
93 AGK watches the YTP DVD Collab December 1, 2021 Leopold watches the YTP DVD Collab.
94 AGK's another nightmare December 5, 2021 Leopold has an another nightmare.
95 AGK vs. Darth Vader again December 13, 2021 Leopold battles Darth Vader again.
96 AGK watches Dead Dunderheads December 14, 2021 Leopold watches a lost episode of The Three Stooges called Dead Dunderheads.
97 AGK plays I HATE YOU.EXE January 4, 2022 Leopold wants to go to the arcade game, but his dad wants him to clean the attic. While cleaning the attic, he founds an SNES cartridge that proves to be a Mario game called I HATE YOU.EXE, so he plays it and founds out that Noob.exe is in this game.
98 AGK vs. Noob.exe (1/3) January 19, 2022 Leopold fights Noob.exe
99 AGK vs. Noob.exe (2/3) N/A
100 AGK vs. Noob.exe (3/3) N/A



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