Xposur100 is an AGK parodist since November 28, 2018. Like most overrated family-friendly parodies, the series revolves around Leopold Slikk being good instead of being bad, he also doesn't include curse words in the videos, mainly because of religious or family circumstances.



  1. AGK watches funny videos
  2. AGK gets a virus
  3. AGK gets pranked
  4. AGK meets Xposur100
  5. AGK makes a music video
  6. AGK's nightmare
  7. AGK sees himself on YouTube
  8. AGK plays Super Mario Bros
  9. AGK meets his oldest brother
  10. AGK goes to the internet cafe
  11. AGK's Christmas
  12. AGK makes a YTP
  13. AGK vs. Darth Vader
  14. AGK goes to Username 666
  15. AGK goes to Wendy's
  16. AGK gets annoyed by Mario Head
  17. AGK makes pictures of himself                                    
  18. AGK watches Hotel Mario Cutscenes                                
  19. AGK meets his older brother
  20. Lt. Hammerman's Revenge
  21. The Invasion Part 1
  22. The Invasion Part 2
  23. AGK plays Roblox
  24. AGK goes to the safehouse
  25. AGK's Halloween
  26. AGK clones himself
  27. AGK meets Angry Dominican Kid
  28. AGK watches YTP videos
  29. AGK goes to KFC
  30. AGK accidentally goes to
  31. AGK goes to the Unreal Tournament Fan Club
  32. AGK's grandpa
  33. AGK plays Flappy Bird
  34. AGK vs. Flappy Bird
  35. AGK goes to Burger King
  36. AGK plays Action 52
  37. AGK vs. Lt. Hammerman again
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