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“My goal is to bring the AGK culture a new era in animation.”
“I plan to change the AGK culture heavily with my AGK series.”

YumaSonic2016 (formerly TheDankAGK9000, and recently updated to YumaSonic17.) is an upcoming parodist who has been a fan of AGK since 2014 and beginner video maker since 2016, and is planning to start his series sometime in 2019. Besides an AGK parodist, YumaSonic2016 is also a Downfall Parodist, YouTube Pooper, Artist, Animator, and Instagrammer.


Leopold's Family

Leopold Rainer Slikk - The main protagonist of the series. He is a very agressive and edgy German boy. Despite being obsessed with Unreal Tournament and Sausage Eggs, he also likes to listen to Trance, Hip-Hop, Rap, Rock N Roll, and Nightcore music. Besides all that, he plays M-Rated games, Shooting games, uses social media like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, goes to Jake's house to play video games, and more. Leopold hates his dad for beating him up all the time since he was 9 years old. He also has a special keyboard that can talk and has special powers. His fighting skills are so impressive that many girls start to like him. He even Speaks English sometimes. (Episode 1)

Harold Slikk - Leopold's father. He always beats up his children, especially Leopold and Sam. He slacks off most of the time at work, due to either being stressed or getting distracted. (Episode 4)

Leonard "Lenny" Slikk - Leopold's younger brother. He usually helps Leopold out, but sometimes acts like Leopold. He likes to play video games like Pokémon, Sonic, Mario, and Kirby, and watch TV Shows like Spongebob, Fairly Oddparents, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, and Regular Show and sometimes The Simpsons, Family Guy, Rick and Morty. He also likes Animes like Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Bakugan. (Episode 2)

Leonidas "Leone" Slikk - Leopold's older brother. He always goes hyperactive, which bothers Leopold, Amelia, Leonard, and Sean a lot. His parents try to calm him down when he gets hyper. He was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder when he was 5 years old. He often acts very stupid as well since he was 10 years old. (Episode 4)

Mariabelle "Mary" Costello Slikk - Leopold's mother. She is much nicer to her children than her aggressive husband. However, she sometimes gets disappointed at her children like Leopold for misbehaving, and her husband, Harold for beating their children. Maria is Italian. (Episode 3)

Tabitha "Tabby" Anna Slikk - Leopold's older sister. She may be nice, but at times she is bossy. She calls herself Queen Tabby, and loves to use Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. She gets annoyed when Samuel and Leonidas fight. (Episode 4)

Samuel "Sam" Turner Slikk Ryans - Commonly referred to as "Sammy" Leopold's adopted twin brother. He was diagnosed with Aspergrs when he was 3 years old. He often tends to be very arrogant and bratty. He likes some of the same things Leopold and Leonard like. He hardly gets away with doing dangerous stuff compared to Leopold.. (Episode 3)

Leorich Slikk - Leopold's youngest brother. He is very friendly and loves to play outside. He also likes to watch cartoons all the time. He also likes the some of the same video games his older brothers play.

Gerald "Jerry" Slikk - Leopold's uncle

Christopher "Chris" Barry Slikk - Leopold's grandfather. He is very mean and weird. He attacks his grandchildren for whenever he gets mad. He has survived pneumonia, needed surgeries, and even cancer when he was in his 60s and 70s. (Episode 10)

William "Willie" Hermann Slikk - Leopold's great-grandfather. He is the most miserable of all the Slikks. He divorced his wife, he hates everyone and everything, and is pretty much suicidal due to his extreme heartlessness.

Lucas "Luke" Slikk - Leopold's weeaboo cousin. He is always seen watching anime, listening to anime music, and playing Japanese video games. He also has wallpapers of animes like Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online. Lucas even has anime body pillows and claims Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach), Tohru (Kobayashi's Dragon Maid), and Jun Watarase (Happiness!) are his waifus. He has serious anger issues and hates Leonidas and Samuel as well. (Mentioned in Episode ???)

Daniel "Dan" Izumi Slikk - Commonly known as Dan, Leopold's older cousin. He is more mature than his older cousin, Lucas. Dan used to watch anime and play video games everyday until he was 15, when he started training in martial arts. Dan speaks English, German, Japanese, and sometimes Italian. (Episode ???)

Annabelle "Annie" Slikk - Leopold's grandmother. Unlike Chris, she's actually much more caring, even though she can get very angry and act like Chris.

Leopold's Friends/Allies

Jacob "Jake" Andreas Randolf - Leopold's childhood best friend. He likes to hang out with Leopold and do lots of fun things with him, (Episode 4)

Ronaldo "Ronald" Antonio Ramirez - Leopold's friend who plays Team Fortress 2 all the time, but hangs out with Leopold and Jake. He often has a hard time getting along with others and sometimes starts arguments. (Episode 4)

Kaeru Otoko - Leopold's friend who likes to watch Anime and Japanese Game Shows. He is a very perverted individual, especially because of how he trolls others. He also likes to play some of the same games as Leopold, Jake, and Ronald like Pokémon, Kirby Air Ride, Super Smash Bros, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, etc. He even has collection of DVDs and Frogs as well. (Episode 4)

Silver Joel "Zack" Matsuda-Ziegler - Leopold's second childhood friend. He is well known for being controversial like Leopold due to how crazy he is for any edgy delinquent.

Jack Ryan Quire - Stephen's brother, who everyone finds as funny as Stephen himself. Everyone likes him more than his older brother. He's also the owner of the YouTube channel wafflepwn.

Sebastian "Alex" Alejandro Taito - Leopold's 4th friend who likes to hang out with Leopold and his friends. He is also the creator of the series. Like Leopold, he has great fighting skills. He even has a great sense of humor. (Episode 4)

Daria Monica Taito - Sebastian's older sister. She is often very sensitive and nervous about her family being gone for a while.

Alexandra "Alexis" Madrona Fukuda-Kizumi - Sebastian's younger cousin. Like Tabby, she likes to use Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. She has gotten bullied before, but Sebastian has always stopped bullies from attacking her. She has learned to use magic since she was a 4 years old. She loves to hang out with Sebastian. (Episode 4)

Sonic Pablo Aoi de Guzmán - Sebastian's cousin the same age as Alexis. He is very shy towards others. Like Leonard, he loves to play video games. He also likes to watch Anime and even make videos while he's alone. His combat style is similar to Alexis, except he's not much of a mage person. (Episode 4)

Sheldon Esteban Tsukamoto - Sebastian's closest cousin. He is even quieter than Sebastian himself and in fact gets along extremely well with him. (Episode 7)

Melissa "Millie" Esperanza Akiyama - Sheldon's older sister. She is an otaku and seems to get along with Sebastian, Daria, and Alexis better than with Pablo and Sheldon. (Episode 7)

Teresa Matilda Garcia - Alexis' mother. She can be very strict at times, but cares a lot about her family. (Episode 7)

Alejandro Garcia - Alexis' maternal grandfather.

Alonzo Juan Garcia - One of Alexis' maternal uncles.

Ainosuke Akiyama - Melissa's father. He can be very strict at times, but care a lot about his family. (Episode 12)

Natalia "Nana" Anne Hernandez - Sebastian's closest female friend. She met him in middle school. Natalia is known for being Christian throughout her life. (Episode 7)

Andrew "Andy" Smith-Ribeiro - Sebastian's closest male friend. They met each other in their freshman year of high school. (Episode 7)

Paula Bonheur Andreozzi - Andrew's mother. She often gets frustrated when her son takes a long time to respond or do whatever she wants him to do.

Cody - Alexis's birdlike fiend. He is very rude and bossy and claims others to be wasting their daily time (Examples: Leopold binge-playing Unreal Tournament, Yūne binge-listening to K-Pop (particularly BTS like Leopold), and The Filthy Frank Crew binge-acting out). (Episode 8)

Serena Hiiragi - Leopold girlfriend. She could be impatient at times, but she is a high-standard mage and is very brave. She claims to always make sure Leopold is okay and love him no matter what. She also loves Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. One of her tendencies is to DM questionable pictures to her friends, much to her brother's annoyance and cringe. Serena is often shown to have strong emotions. (Episode 15)

Sakura Takashirō - Serena's best friend. Sakura is a very nice girl who seeks interest into Jake. She likes to hang out with Leopold and Serena. Sakura loves to use Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, and sometimes like to play video games and watch anime. She also loves technology and many of the same interests Leopold has. (Episode 16)

Yōsuke Hiiragi - Serena's brother. He always wants to make sure Serena is safe. He is very popular among girls like Leopold. He works as an attorney to especially keep her sister safe from groomers and pedophiles. (Episode 17)

Hermann Fegelein - Leopold's Guard. He always pulls antics on Hitler, and he knows when Leopold is in danger. (Episode 6)

Yūne Tsukishima - Leopold childhood close friend. She really loves to have serenity and quiet time for herself. However, she doesn't like it when someone disturbs her relaxing time as it annoys her. Ronald is jealous because she likes Leopold and has a crush on Kaeru. Yune tends to act very playful at times and mature during serious situations. She always cares about everyone she loves, no matter what they think of her. She also becomes very mad when someone hurts her friends or hurt when someone says hurtful things to her. (Episode 1)

Yūya Katsumi - Leopold's friend since middle school. He may go berserk at times, but he knows how to calm himself down, unlike Leonidas. He is very serious most of the time and is willing to help anyone in trouble. Yūya often gets annoyed when Yūne makes certain noises or dances to girly music. Yuya is also a developing Samurai. (Episode 15)

Hiroshi "Hiro" Katsumi - Yuya's grandfather. He usually accompanies Yuya because of how much he cares about him and his family.

Koharu Sakakibara - A high-class well-skilled mage. Initially cold to others, she changes and cares more about those she isn't familiar with. She also becomes very interested in Yūya's fighting skills when she meets him. (Episode 16)

Asuka Sakakibara - Koharu's older sister. She is like Koharu in terms in battling skills, but is mostly mellow and slightly closer to Serena on Social Media personality compared to her younger sister.

Sakura Takashirō - Serena's best friend. Sakura is a very nice girl who seeks interest into Jake. She likes to hang out with Leopold and Serena. Sakura loves to use Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, and sometimes like to play video games and watch anime. She also loves technology and many of the same interests Leopold has. (Episode 16)

Yōsuke Hiiragi - Serena's brother. He always wants to make sure Serena is safe. He is very popular among girls like Leopold. He works as an attorney to especially keep her sister safe from groomers and pedophiles. (Episode 17)

Darrell Luis Rodriguez - Ronald's cousin. He is a more mature version of Ronald and is in fact nicer and calmer than Ronald. He is often shy towards girls and doesn't want to be a pervert compared to Kaeru. Darrell is also a big fan of Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, My Hero Academia, and other animes, but isn't a weeaboo. He plays many Nintendo and SEGA video games as well. (Episode 7)

Xavier "Nico Star" Nicholas Din - Commonly called Nico Star and Nick - A drug addicted fox. He is often mischievous, often gets very angry, especially when he gets mistaken as Tails from The Sonic Series. He is also even meaner than Yuya and Koharu when angry. Nico's behavior is almost like Stephen's behavior and Sean's behavior. (Episode 18)

Nelson Michael Brady - An African American delinquent. He is often very violent, claims to be better than Leopold, and is notable for speaking very slang English. He is also the type of people who don't like being made fun of because of his gangster-like clothing.

Amelia "Emma" Sanita Fujiyoshi - An young gothic lady. She is often quiet and likes to listen to music. Emma also loves anything Gucci quality. However, she is quite shy at times when meeting other people.

Francisco "Franky" Brandão - Commonly called "Franqui". Nico's childhood friend. He is a young Brazilian whose goal is to find the woman he knows will trust him. He can be a little crazy sometimes. but not like Kaeru.

Yoshiko Okamoto - A cute but scary girl. While it's unknown who she's obsessed with, she will threaten to kill anyone who tries to steal her love interest.

Momo - Yoshiko's long time panda friend. He will do everything to protect Yoshiko and her dream boyfriend.

Rajan Muhkerjee - A young nerd. He is known to be bullied by Stephen and Croyt just because he's Indian. His main religion is Buddhism.

Jaden-Malu "JM" Apinya Yazawa-Wagner - A controversial student at Leopold's school due to their appearance. While it's unknown if Malu is male, female, transgender, or even non-binary, they are always seen wearing female attire and is more flat chested compared to most of Leopold's female friends.

Azlan Sai Ng-Lau - A highly religious young man in general. He has always found it very hard and very easy at the same time to be very social.

School Faculty

Mrs. Zefux - Leopold's Special Ed Teacher (Episode 3)

Mr. Diknet - Leopold's Main Teacher (Episode 3)

Assistant Principal Coxlady - Leopold's Assistant Principal. (Epsode 3)

Principal Fuxlowleez - Leopold's Principal (Episode 3)

The Murderous Hells

Adolf Hitler - Leopold's Worst Enemy. Everytime he plans to kill Leopold, his plans obviously fail. He also hates Fegelein for pulling antics on him. (Episode 20)

Scarlet - A very evil young lady. She always gets away with assault, but who she really loves is unknown. (Episode 1)

Crimson - Scarlet's younger brother.

Burgundy - Scarlet's older sister.

Diablo - Scarlet's older brother and the eldest of Scarlet's siblings.

Master Hand - The Main Antagonist of the series. He wants to destroy the universe with the help of his assistant Weegee. (Episode 1)

Crazy Hand - Master Hand's brother. His goal is to help Master Hand destroy the Galaxies. (Episode 1)

Vladimir Putin - Hitler's Rival from Russia. He is the leader of The Soviet Union. (Episode 49)

Deadly Demon Shadow Samurai - Yuya's enemy who's tried to destroy the Katsumi family for years.

Terminator - The Second Co-Antagonist of the series. His goal in the series is to take over the world.

Leopold's Enemies/Rivals + Anti-Heroes

Stephen Quire - Leopold's Bully. He always gets angry for the stupidest reasons and only cares about Batman and World of Warcraft. He even gets sent to the principal's office more often than Leopold. His younger brother Jack is his worst enemy and nightmare because of being recorded everyday. (Episode 1)

Croyt Parker - The Angry Halo Kid. He is another bully of Leopold who always gets angry and constantly cusses and uses offensive language. (Episode 3)

Ethan "Sim" Sims O'Brien - The Angry Sims Kid and Leopold's Bully. He is the imposter of Leopold. Unlike the Stephen, Croyt, and Eddy, he can sometimes be nicer. He is also obsessed with Sims and is much edgier than his older brother. (Episode 1)

Edward "Eddy" Roger O'Brien - Ethan's Older Brother. He likes to bully Leopold and his friend, but unlike the other Stephen, Croyt, and Sim, is a coward. (Episode 1)

Stefan Kaczyński - The Angry Polish Kid. He is very mean to anyone who gets in his way but can be friendly as well. (Episode 31).

Dimitri France - The Angry French Kid. He is a toxic colleague from France with an extremely short temper and doesn't really get along with anyone at all.

Parodies and Representations of Real People and More

Pony video maker - Leopold's ally. Despite being cold and bossy to Leopold, he helps out whenever anybody needs him. He also loves to make videos and play video games. (Episode 7)

Karl "Charmx" Cloutier - A YouTuber who is known for mainly reacting to videos on YouTube, and sometimes does more creative things like practicing songs. (Episode 18)

Captain America - A superhero who became roommates with Charmx in 2018. He and Charmx seem to get along very well with each other.

Joesph "JoeysWorldTour" Hernandez - An obese man of Hispanic descent. He is always hungry and eats fast food everyday.

Noggin Gnome - Charmx's worst enemy. He Gnomes everyone just to annoy them to insanity.

Beardless Charmx - Charmx's younger brother. He is more mature and less anxious than the modern Charmx.

The Bald Bastard - Charmx's lethal enemy. He once broke into Charmx's house to try and kill him while he was making a video.

Jonathan "JonTron" Aryan Jafari - He is an idiot who takes nothing seriously. He also gets angry quite often due to being short-tempered.

James Duncan Rofle - The Angry Video Game Nerd. He is often very angry because he always plays rage-enducing games, causing him to lose his temper very easily.

George "Joji" Kusunoki Miller/Filthy Frank - The main protagonist of The Filthy Frank Show. He is always cold to everyone, makes fun of everything, and can speak fluent Japanese.

Pink Guy - A very popular character from Filthy Frank who is well notable for his Music Video called STFU. He's also very obnoxious because he love screaming out of nowhere.

Safari Man - Filthy Frank's creepy roommate. He's an adventurer who is often very perverted to the point even Frank himself can't stand his perversion.

Salamander Man - Filthy Frank's salamander friend. He hardly speaks and only really communicates by making random noises or gestures.

Ian "iDubbbzTV" Carter/Content Cop - Another famous YouTuber. He is friends with Filthy Frank and Pink Guy. He is known for doing crazy stuff and making Content Cop videos. He may be often very nosey, but he can help Leopold sometimes. Many people have also rumored him to be a simp.

Weeaboo Jones - An anime obsessed freak who believes Japanese culture is the best culture to exist and disrespects others opinions on anime and Japanese culture. He s also Filthy Frank's rival.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg/PewDiePie - A YouTuber from Sweden. He is best known for his Media Reviews and Minecraft Gameplays. Andrew and Daria are also huge fans of him.

Yaozu Zhang - A Hong Kong-American martial arts legend. He is known for defeating everyone who challenges him to battles. Zhang is also a martial arts instructor and the owner of his own martial arts academy. (Episode 10)

Joo-won Hyun - An insane Korean gamer. He is notorious for his obsession with video games, especially if they're violent. Despite his temper from video games, he also cares about those who support him.

BND Frog - An uneducated Frog who broke up with his ex-girlfriend and never got a new one since then due to change of his physical appearance. Ever since that day, he joined The Murderous Hells. He is the most immature memeber and a massive simp. (Episode 17)

Maxi Miller - An evil young man who loves to scare people by shouting "¡HOLA NIÑOS!" and screaming like a psychopath. It's unknown if he has a criminal record for his behavior, but people have sent many complaints regarding his scary behavior.

Michael Rosen - An elderly man and one of Leopold's neighbors. Unlike Julius, he's much more respectful and helpful.

Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp - A crazy gamer and internet personality. He suffers from anger issues everyday due to playing rage-enducing video games and instantly gets toxic towards others who mess with him. He also hates stuttering and is known for having rumors of having autism due to his insane behavior.

Snoop Dogg - An African-American rapper who is very notorious for smoking weed. He has also featured in many MLG memes from 2012-2018.

Alejandro "KaggyFilms" Saab - An American otaku, anime dub voice actor, and YouTuber who is very funny. His favorite Anime is the Dragon Ball series. He is a coward and very immature, especially when it comes to dirty jokes.

Yukiko Takamine - A video-obsessed girl. She loves making and watching videos so much she even does freelance video production.

Jey "JeydReacts" Diaz - An American internet personality. He is similar to Kaggy when it comes to dark humor but isn't anywhere near as insecure as Kaggy.

Carson "CallMeCarson" King - An American internet personality and gamer. He initially became a meme when he cried while playing Minecraft.

Christopher "Chris" Edward Hansen - An American journalist most known for being on the series "To Catch a Predator". He uses a sting operation to catch potential pedophiles online, documents homicide incidents, and is a host for Season 2 of "Crime Watch Daily". Yōsuke heavily admires Hansen and wishes to become a journalist to investigate reports from around the world, including crime incidents.


Some of these characters are for now listed as minor characters as they are unconfirmed in playing a major role.

Mingzhu "Ming" Zhang - Yaozu's wife. She is more responsible of taking care of Lin and Qiao due to Yaozu being busy fighting enemies.

Lin Zhang - Yaozu's daughter.

Qiao Zhang - Yaozu's son. His dream is to follow his father's path because he loves his fighting skills.

Meihui "Mei" Zhang - Yaozu's mother.

Seo-yun Kwon - Joo-won's fiance. She's a future-tech freak who often has to do all the chores while Joo-won is often playing video games.

Howard Alberto Akiyama - Melissa's older brother. He is often out of the house mostly busy doing very risky stuff.

Jackson "Jack" Jimenez - Alexis' older brother. He is most often very busy with errands.

Yūri Kizumi - Alexis' father. He lives in Kyoto, Japan, where his parents were born.

Diana Violet Taito - Sebastian's mother.

Angelo Lorenzo Taito - Sebastian's father.

Gladys Montanez Taito - Sebastian's paternal grandmother.

Ryūgo Takashirō - Sakura's older brother. His goal in life is to keep his family safe and no matter what happens.

Yūto Tsukishima - Yūne's older brother. He always stays with Yūne along with his twin sister Madoka whenever she is sad or upset.

Haruhi Tsukishima - Yūne's older sister. She is the twin sister of Yūto.

Yūki Tsukishima -Yūne's younger brother. Yūne loves to play with Yūki every day aside from her meditation times.

Madoka Tsukishima - Yūne's mother. She's very caring and much less harsh than Yūne's father.

Ashlynn "Rinyū" Tsukishima - Yune's youngest sister. She loves to play with Yūki, even when he's not in the mood, but the she and Yuki can sometimes get into arguments.

Johnathan "Johnny" Schweeper - One of Leopold's grumpy neighbors. He yells at usually Leopold's family whenever they're being too loud. (Episode 2)

Ayumi Kobayashi - One of Leopold's classmates. (Episode 1)

Chiharu Agesaki - Ayumi's close friend. She is another fangirl of Leopold besides Yūne. (Episode 1)

Yūkio Yamamoto - A young man who is very helpful to anyone. (Episode 1)

Yūko Katsumi - Yūya's younger brother. He likes to annoy his older siblings.

Sayori "Saya" Katsumi - Yūya's older sister. She's bossy to her younger siblings.

Ryūtarō - Yūya's older brother. He is his biggest family rival.

Hannah Katsumi - Yūya's mother.

Adrenaline21's AGK Series (Adrenaline21 X YumaSonic2016 AGK Crossover OVA)

Leopold Slikk (A21) - Leopold's alternate counterpart, the founder and the leader of his own crew and one of the Keyboard Masters.

Johnny Fort Spieler - Jake's alternate counterpart, plays a similar role to Hermann Fegelein as an antic master, along with one of Leopold's best friend along with Jaden (Jack) and one of the Keyboard Masters. He's unlike Jake, Johnny has spent his childhood until the early adolescence (teenage) and he hasn't played with Leopold for visiting his uncle as the main reason.

Adrenaline21 - Taito's alternate counterpart, an Indonesian Slikker and one of the Keyboard Masters.

Jack Randolf - Ethan's alternate counterpart, one of Len (Leopold)'s best friends along with Johnny and one of the Keyboard Masters. He's unlike Eric, who's a bully to Leopold.

Spencer Grave - Samuel's alternate counterpart, being a family member to Graves (Raven, Katie, Alfonso) and De Vances (Victoria, Alvaro, Elisabeth, Amelia), one of the joke masters along with Yuto (Kaeru) and José (Ronald), one of the seal users and one of the Keyboard Masters. He's unlike Sean, who's not having mental diseases.

Kaeru Otoko (A21) - Kaeru's alternate counterpart from Adrenaline21's AGK Universe, one of the joke masters along with Spencer and José (Ronald) and one of the Keyboard Masters. He's unlike Kaeru, who's not perverted against traps and he loves Tokusatsu like "Kamen Rider" (Masked Rider in English translation) and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Ronald Suez - Ronald's alternate counterpart, one of the joke masters along with Kaeru and Spencer and one of the Keyboard Masters.


Angry German Kid XP

# Title Desc Created by Written by Animation YT ALT
1 AGK Gets Pranked by Leonard Leonard sends Leopold an E-Mal about a Kirby Fangame called Airride Modoki. YumaSonic2016 YumaSonic2016 N/A Mar 2, 2020
2 AGK Gets Gnomed Leopold goes on Reddit, but can he handle the pressure? YumaSonic2016 YumaSonic2016 N/A May 26, 2020
3 AGK Goes to School TBA YumaSonic2016 TBA TBA TBA

Angry German Kid Shorts

# Title Desc Created by Written by Animation YT ALT
1 AGK Watches We Gotta Celebrate Our Differences Leopold watches a controversial video about anti-racism.

(The video may be very offensive to some viewers.)

YumaSonic2016 YumaSonic2016 N/A Aug 1, 2020
2 AGK's Dad Gets Mysteriously Attacked Harold encounters someone who looks like an assassin. YumaSonic2016 YumaSonic2016 YTS Animation Aug 8, 202
3 AGK's Brother Steals and Plays Unreal Tournament TBA YumaSonic2016 TBA TBA TBA

List of Episodes

Angry German Kid XP (2020-present)

Angry German Kid XP is an anime-style AGK series revolving around Leopold, Jake, Ronald, and Kaeru meet newcomers of Germany.

Comic series (2022-present)

Due to another serious delay of episode 4 of AGK XP due to the author having an extremely hard time concentrating and constantly getting lost with his other interests, Angry German Kid XP will from now on have manga chapters.

Season 1

  1. AGK Gets Pranked by Leonard
  2. AGK Gets Gnomed
  3. AGK Plays Project M
  4. AGK Goes to School
  5. AGK VS Stephen Quire
  6. An Inasne Nightmare (F) ⚠⚡🕷☠
  7. A Typcial 7 Days of a Week ⚠🤬🕷
  8. I Wish NFTs Were Never Invented!! (F) ⚠⚡🔞🤬🕷☠
  9. AGK Watches Dank Meme Compilations (F) ⚠⚡🔞🤬🕷☠
  10. Oh no! My Grandfather Has Arrived (F) ⚠⚡🕷
  11. The Mysterious N64 Cartridge ⚠⚡🕷
  12. Weegee Comes to Life! ⚠⚡🕷
  13. Weegee Causes Terror! ⚠⚡🕷
  14. Leopold VS Weegee! ⚠🕷☠
  15. The History Test! (F) ⚠
  16. The New Transfer Students
  17. What it Takes to a Keep a Good Love Relationship. ⚠😢🔞🕷☠
  18. The Mischievous Fox ⚠🤬☠
  19. AGKandvideomaker2000, The Greatest AGK Parodist of YouTube? ⚠🔞
  20. Yuya Katsumi is Possessed! 🕷☠
  21. Insanity Through The Jungle...Existing Since 1945?
  22. The Rise and Return of Adolf Hitler 🔪
  23. The Battle Between Hitler
  24. The Battle Between Hitler
  25. Encounter Hermann Fegelein
  26. Leopold's Mysterious Clone - Who's Responsible For This Evil Copycat? ⚠
  27. Charmx Comes to Germany! (F) ⚠
  28. Filthy Frank is Here! ⚠🔞🤬🔪☠
  29. Here Comes The Content Cop! ⚠🔪
  30. Ryugo Takashiro - Sakura's Family Reunion? 😢

Season 2

  1. Encounter The Angry Polish Kid! How Much Worse Could He Possibly Be?! ⚠⚡🔞🤬🕷
  2. The Battle Between Stefan!
  3. Why Does Yune Keep on Getting Bullied Again?! ⚠😢🤬
  4. Lottery Tickets! Will Any or All of Us Become Rich? (F) ⚠⚡
  5. The Last Day of School! I Hope We Can All Pass our Finals. (F) ⚠
  6. Let's Plan Some Activities! (F)
  7. Movie Night (F) ⚠⚡🔞🤬🕷☠
  8. The Severe Weather Alert?! Hope We Don't Get Affected! (F) ⚠⚡🕷
  9. Incoming Tornado! Hope We All Survive! (F) ⚠⚡🕷☠
  10. Family Day! What Could Be So Great Besides Unreal Tournament?! (F) ⚠⚡
  11. The World of Warcraft Fanboys Strike Back ⚠🔪🕷
  12. The Second Battle Against Stephen Quire 🕷🔪☠
  13. A Beautiful Day! Sakura's Secret to Jake? (F) 😢
  14. Purge Night! The Scariest Survival Mission Ever ⚠😢⚡🔪🕷☠
  15. Life as an Otaku? Please Get Me Outta This Anime Obsession! (F) ⚠🔞🤬🕷☠
  16. A Babysitter You Say?! Not Gonna Go Well! ⚠⚡🔞🤬🕷
  17. The Babysitter Battle! ⚠🕷🔪☠
  18. One Boring Day... (F) ⚠
  19. Back to School (F) ⚠
  20. 1 Week of Craziness (F) ⚠⚡🔞🤬🕷
  21. The Deadly Demon Shadow Samurai! ⚠🕷
  22. Natalia's Dream (Part 1) (F)
  23. Natalia's Dream (Part 2) (F)
  24. Andrew's Minecraft Montage! (F) ⚠⚡
  25. Another Day of Confessions?!
  26. Operation L.O.V.E. ⚠🔞
  27. The Dream Adventure
  28. The Encounter of Tyler1 ⚠⚡🔞🤬🔪
  29. The USSR National Anthem Meme Attack ⚠⚡🤬
  30. The Attacks of Vladmir Putin

Season 3

  1. A New Horror Story Has Just Begun!
  2. Scarlet Returns! The Second Deadly Battle Between Such an Evil Woman
  3. Life or Death! How Are We Able to Defeat Scarlet Now?!
  4. Recovery
  5. The Bald Bastard Returns! Stronger and More Lethal

Sent Back in time to The 80s?

Season 4

  1. Welcome to the Future!
  2. The Future World Adventure Continues!
  3. Hitler and Fegelein Face Off Again

Season 5

Angry German Kid UNBREAKABLE

Season 6

  1. Glad to Be Back! 😢
  2.  Graduation Day! The Future Ahead of Us! 😢
  3. ???

Season 7

  1. Harold VS Hitler! The Final Battle Against The Ruler of Germany! ⚠⚡🔞🤬🕷
  2. Farewell, Natalia Hernandez! 😢

Other AGK series

Bad AGK Parodies in a Nutshell

This AGK series is meant to mock overused episode ideas.

  1. AGK Gets Prank Messages
  2. AGK Goes to School (AGK82 Version)
  3. AGK's Babysitter
  4. AGK Goes to McDonald's
  5. AGK Has a Nightmare
  6. AGK Babysits Leonard
  7. AGK's Grandpa

Angry German Kid Shorts (2020-present)

Angry German Kid Shorts is a series of mini episodes of Leopold and his daily life.

  1. Angry German Kid Watches We've Gotta Celebrate Our Differences 🤬
  2. Angry German Kid's Dad Gets Attacked
  3. Angry German Kid's Brother Steals Unreal Tournament

Angry German Kid Flashbax (2022-present)

  1. The first time Leopold went on DeviantArt ⚠🔪


  1. Angry German Kid: Germany VS Russia AKA World War III

Original Video Animations

  1. AGK in BND of Doom's Basic Math Education
  2. AGK in BND of Doom's Camping
  3. YumaSonic2016 X Adrenaline21 AGK Crossover: Leopold Meets Leopold (This is the alternate timeline to Adrenaline21's AGK Series Season 4 episodes (Final Mix))
  4. AGKandvideomaker2000 AGK VS YumaSonic2016 AGK
  5. YumaSonic2016's AGK Meets CasperTheLawlBro2001's AGK
  6. YumaSonic2016 X IcePenguins101 Angry German Kid Crossover
  7. YumaSonic2016 AGK VS Kobra1998 AGK
  8. AGKandvideomaker2000 AGK VS YumaSonic2016 AGK 2
  9. YumaSonic2016 AGK Meets AGKandRockMan2001 AGK
  10. YumaSonic2016 AGK Meets Jay The Adventurer AGK

Emojis and Their Meanings

⚠ - the video contains very loud noises which could lead to ear/hearing damage.

⚡ - the video contains flashing lights which could lead to eye damage and/or seizures.

😢 - the video contains scenes that could be heavily emotional to some viewers.

🔞 - the video contains very sexual jokes/scenes.

🤬 - the video contains offensive jokes/language/symbols..

🔪 - the video contains self-harm/references to suicide.

🕷 - the video contains scary/disturbing content. Videos with this rating are not recommended for those with PTSD, anxiety disorder, severe sensitivity, or any major disorders related to the ones mentioned.

☠ - the video contains very intense violence/gory scenes marked unsuitable for certain audiences,




Opening Themes

Season 1

Episodes 1-14: Trance - 009 Sound System Dreamscape

Episodes 15-17: Shakugan no Shana - Joint

Episodes 18-30: Dragon Ball GT - Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku

Season 2


Ending Themes

Season 1

Episodes 1-16: Unreal Tournament - Go Down

Episode 17: Maiko Okamoto - I Want Romance

Episode 18-30: TBA

Season 2



Script:AGK and His Grandfather

Script:AGK in BND of Doom's Basic Math Education

Script:AGK in BND of Doom's Camping

Script:Angry German Kid: Final Mix~The Movie~

Story Arcs

  • Prologue Story Arc
  • Weegee Story Arc
  • Terminator Story Arc
  • Vladimir Putin Story Arc
  • Dark World Story Arc
  • Future World Story Arc
  • Master Hand Story Arc

Comparison with other AGK Parodists

YS2016 AGK82 PVMAGK AGKavm2000 A21 GBL IP101
Series is based on Spongebob Squarepants, Soul Eater, Regular Show, and more. Series is most likely original Series is based on Danganronpa, Fallout, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Series is based on Ed'Edd'N'Eddy Series is based on Kingdom Hearts, Rockman Zero and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Series is based on We Bare Bears, Mighty Magiswords, and Dragon Ball Super Series is based on Grand Theft Auto
Leopold's best friends are Jake Randolf, Sebastian Taito, and Alexis Kizumi Leopold's only best friend is Jake Randolf Leopold's only best friend so far is Jake Randolf Same as AGK82 Leopold's best friends are Johnny Fort Spieler and Jack Randolf Leopold's best friends are Jake Randolf, 40T10, and Hoppus Same as PVMAGK
Parodist Since 2016 Parodist from 2009-2013 Parodist since 2010 Parodist since 2011 Parodist Since 2017 Parodist Since 2 Parodist Since 2014
Main Antagonists are Adolf Hitler, Terminator, Weegee, Master Hand, and Crazy Hand Main Antagonists are Adolf, Hitler, Mrs. Sukscox and Mr, Diknoz Main Antagonist is Dark Leopold Main Antagonist so far is Adolf Hitler Main Antagonists are Adolf Hitler, Togsy, Justin Bieber, Nova, Exo, Alvaro De Vance, and Valkyria Main Antagonists Barry from We Bare Bears, The Rest is Unknown Right Now Main Antagonist is Mannerheim
Leopold's Girlfriend is Serena Hiiragi Leopold Never Had a Girlfriend in This Series It's unknown if Leopold Has a Girlfriend in This Series Leopold's Girlfriend is Esperanza Leopold's Girlfriend is Caulifla from Dragon Ball Super (Cauliflo, in his AGK Series) Leopold's Girlfriend is Tailsko, the Female Version of Tails from Sonic The Hedgehog Same as PVMAGK
Leopold's Team is Called The Defenders of Germany N/A N/A N/A Unknown Leopold's Team is Called The Germans Leopold's Team is Called The Slikks



  • Anime such as Dragon Ball, Soul Eater, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Hunter x Hunter etc.
  • Cartoons such as Spongebob Squarepants, The Simpsons, The Fairly Oddparents, etc.
  • Games such as Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Pokémon, Super Smash Bros., etc.
  • Movies such as Star Wars, The Bee Movie, Shrek, Monsters Inc, Cars, etc.
  • YouTubers such as Charmx, Markiplier, PrinceCharming, JustAlexHalford, etc.
  • TV Shows such as The Big Bang Theory, Drake and Josh, George Lopez, etc.
  • Dank Memes
  • YouTube Poops (Especially ones made by Pie Pivotmontier-O)
  • Spanish (Prefers Latin American Spanish over Castilian Spanish due to Castilian requiring a lisp)
  • Adult shows like Family Guy, King of The Hill, South Park, The Boondocks, etc.
  • Music like Twenty One Pilots, Melanie Martinez, BTS, EDM, Vocaloid, etc.
  • Extremely cute anime pictures.


  • Any memes related to 9/11, Pearl Harbor, Nazis, KKK, etc.
  • Kids Shows such Barney, Caillou, Dora The Explorer, Little Bill, etc.
  • Girly Shows such as Barbie, Winx Club, Shimmer and Shine, Strawberry Shortcake Cartoon, etc.
  • Modern Cartoons such as Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, The Loud House, Harvey Beaks, etc.
  • The Happiness! Fanbase (Obviously due to everyone especially on DeviantArt calling a character named Jun Watarase a trap)
  • He used to like Atarster from 2016-2017, but he gradually disliked him as of 2018, then he really hated Atarster from April 2019-June 2019, and now, he doesn't care for him at all.
  • FourFanatic7889 Production (Because he is unoriginal, plus Taito knows 4F7889 is a copycat like Cansin13 and Kobra1998. No offense on Cansin or Kobra)
  • Aaron Doan (Aaron comments on his videos either for no reason or to beg him to be his friend no matter what)
    • Like many other users, he doesn't believe Aaron Doan will ever change no matter what.
  • Haris18 just like everyone else due to all the vandalism he's caused to the Wiki.
  • Getting complaints from other users on Instagram (Usually after commenting on Hatsune Miku fanart)

Other Facts

  • YumaSonic2016 wants his AGK series to have more detailed animation.
    • He once stated he's going with a mix of classic and flash animation, which is most likely gonna happen to put less pressure on himself..
  • Like AGKandvideomaker2000, YumaSonic2016 prefers to mainly use video game OSTs like Mario and Kirby rather than Sonic.
  • YumaSonic2016 also tries to avoid using songs with lyrics to decrease the risk of Copyright claims.
    • He doesn't use Kevin MacLeod music in his videos due to the songs being considered stock music.
  • YumaSonic is of Hispanic descent, which is the possible reason he likes to speak Spanish.
    • He is also very proud to be a Hispanic-American and loves his family.
  • YumaSonic discovered the Japanese language in 2014, but never understood it well until December 2016.
    • He he not only learns Japanese from Google Translate, but also while watching anime in Japanese. This is like him learning Spanish from both Google Translate and watching Spanish dubs of cartoons like Spongebob (Bob Esponja in Spanish). He's also a beginner at French.
  • Part of his username "Yuma" is a possible reference to Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL.
  • YumaSonic claims that just because he uses Gacha Life doesn't mean he will ever be part of the community, which is true because of how messed up the community really is.
  • YumaSonic uses Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Animate, Medibang Paint Pro, etc. to draw and animate.
    • He has a tendency to draw way faster than most artists who draw anime art.
  • YumaSonic mainly uses VEGAS Pro 14 to edit his videos and sometimes VEGAS Pro 18 & Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 on his Windows PC or Final Cut Pro X on his 2010 MacBook.
  • As of October 1, 2021. YumaSonic2016 will be using ocenaudio to edit his audio along with Audacity and Adobe Audition 2021 for better results.
  • YumaSonic's AGK series may be one of the very first to have Jack Quire appear more often and as often as Stephen Quire compared to most other AGK series.


es-2 This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of Spanish.

de-1 This user is able to contribute with a basic level of German.

pt -1 This user is able to contribute with a basic level of Portuguese.

jp-2 This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of Japanese.

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